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Lalylala doll – Kangaroo Kira


Happy Saturday folks! I have finally finished Kira 😀 You know something? It’s actually quite a lengthy project. I mean i did start this a few weeks ago and didn’t really pick up the pace until 3 days or so ago BUT even on those odd days, the  hours seemed to of passed.
I wanted it finished by yesterday but come 6:00PM i still had the sewing of the parts, the baby ARGH
So I woke up early, did my usual stuff and then at around 11:00am i cracked on. I literally finished her at around 4:00pm but didn’t upload her on my social media accounts until about an hour ago.
I did however add her to the website and she has a new home 😀 😀 😀 – If i am honest the customer isn’t a stranger, they had their eye on her for a while!


I am pretty happy how it turned out, i will make some changes to the yarn i used in the future.

For a one off time only, i have put Kira on my store in the custom section because this one itself has sold out i thought about offering one slot and a chance to customise and buy her.
You can check that out here >>>> Buy custom Kira


What i used:

So i used a 2mm hook. The pattern calls for a 2/2.5 – I have no idea what that is in U.S or other countries.
It requires the stitches to be tight so hence sticking with the 2mm. It also says to use 4ply yarn and i only had white 4 ply knocking around, the grey and brown is DK yarn. Just some random balls i had in my stash.
Now i rarely touched the white and pretty much have a full ball left, i did used almost a full ball of grey so if you are prone to mistakes maybe just stock up on an extra ball.
I have always used DK when making crochet teddies or toys! I rarely use 4ply and probably have 3/4 colours in total of it. SO just saying you don’t need to go by exactly what it says as the sizing and the tightness of my crocheting came out well and i didn’t have any loose stitches or huge gaps.

You will probably need some stitch markers as it works in rounds and some pins for when sewing the parts on. THIS is a must have as you really do want it all to sit perfectly and look straight when all sewn together!
I used 6MM safety eyes for the mother and 5mm for the baby, i think the pattern uses smaller for the baby i can’t remember but the 5mm were the only ones i could get my hands on!

This is a paid pattern and i have said in the past i rarely buy patterns but Lalylala is the only one i would quite happily give my money to. So expect a lot more dolls from me in the future.

The scarf i found some random red chunky yarn chained 5 and did TR/DC stitches. The pattern oddly enough says to KNIT the damn thing and has a mini pattern for the scarf which actually looks nicer than mine but we can’t all be like the designer LOL – She does say you can crochet one. I mean i tried to knit once and it really got on my nerves, i may give it a go again one day but it just isn’t quick enough for me.
I used chunky yarn because at this point i was tired and getting annoyed that it wasn’t done PLUS i think it looks better and worked up quicker.

PATTERN IS HERE > > > > > > > > > Kangaroo kira


It’s bank holiday weekend, so i am taking this time to relax! I am doing nothing until Tuesday lol. Okay that’s a lie, i am planning stuff for the store and finish my baby chenille blanket & probably end up making other things. I now have to finish my friends requests which is the same pattern as Kira but it’s not in kangaroo form – It’s takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to do so i am kind of excited to do it because it looks different but kind of not because of how long it will take.

I will catch up with blogs tomorrow ❤ I literally need to breathe so please don’t think i am being rude or ignorant if i have only liked a post and not commented i am going to really thoroughly catch up on all your amazing posts.

Have a good one folks!!

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(Incase you missed it here is the pattern link again Kangaroo Kira)




11 thoughts on “Lalylala doll – Kangaroo Kira”

    1. It’s actually not that hard. Its the filling in the forms and taking pictures etc and if you make a toy out of different materials you’d have to test it again. But there is a group on fb and they have lots of files for you to download from yarn companies so you don’t have to do some of the tests & they are helpful if you get stuck. They do say test every toy but on the site where you get the pack you kind of only need to test the toy once unless if you make another one everything you use to make is different. Including the fire test if you have the files or Proof on packaging like eyes and polyfil that says you don’t need to fire test. Sounds like A LOT but most of it is using clamps to check the Damn thing won’t rip and create small parts that can choke a child. Wow longest comment ever lol!!!!

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