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WIP Wednesday – Chenille baby blanket completed



WIPedy do da Wipedy day – Well it’s kind of hard to think that i will be saying goodbye to May. This year is seriously flying by and i don’t like it one bit.

May is always a bleugh month, a bit like a mid week day but not mid in the year. It just leaves me with that bland feeling.
I think mostly because June & July are crazy months, summer time and all that crap. May is a time to really take charge of your year and any changes because if you slacked at the beginning you can use this shitty month to re-evaluate. Which is what i have done!

Anyway, more on that another day – I’ve finished my snuggly chenille baby blanket in mint green, lemon (yellow) & white. I am so in love with this and CANNOT wait to get it up on my store!!
Kind of going to do that within the hour, just need to edit the pictures and tidy them up abit.


I used chenille baby yarn, which wasn’t actually too thick. It kind of required a 6.5mm crochet hook but i used 5mm. For some reason i kind of thought that was the right size, it didn’t really make a difference but ideally when using this kind of yarn it’s best to use to size hook asked for or if possibly a little bigger.
It’s quite sensitive and can break very easily, which can be very annoying. I have worked with this type of yarn before so i was able to not do that with a smaller hook and my tension was not too tight, i count myself lucky.

For this i did the V-Stitch which is work in multiples, Dc ch1 Dc in the same stitch (U.S terms)  I actually didn’t ch1 and worked two DC’s to give this a better look.
I’ve always done this, but it seems to be a known thing by a popular crocheter so i aren’t claiming anything as my idea i just want to put it out that I’ve known this tip for a long time.



After finishing i measure and it’s around 28×32 which is a nice size for a baby blanket. It’s not too heavy which i found with Bernat baby/Bernat blanket. I think because Bernat is ALOT thicker but it also has a different texture. This yarn is more softer and feels like velvet.

So that’s it, i have some other things to crack on with this week and i am feeling very positive.
I’ve also taken another healthy turn and started to combine fruits in my water. I think they are called water cleanses? Today (all day) I drank lemon, lime & cucumber.

Happy WIP wedneaday!!! #Crochetforyourlife


10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Chenille baby blanket completed”

  1. I want this to be my napping blanket!!! I think the colors are perfect for a ready made item in your store – this could be for a boy or a girl. You should give your blankets a cute name for the style of it. That way if people want a custom one that looks like it they can ask for a style name and not need to know what kind of a stitch pattern it is. So if you called this blanket something like “Squidges Blanket” then customers could order the Squidges Blanket in Pink White and Yellow and you’ll know exactly what they want!!! 😀

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    1. Yes I thought that it was for both as well. I mean tbh I’m not the type of person to only use specific colours for specific sex but most people are haha. Bring on pink for boys lol! Christ almighty tami do you read minds lol I was literally thinking about doing that and making names for blankets haha lots of people might steal this idea LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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