Sunday diary 

I’m just writing a diary post today as I feel the need to say some things that maybe my friends or boyfriend won’t get. Well my boyfriend might.

So I love blogging and I’ve gotten the chance to really speak to new people and see what kind of world they live in and share the same crafts. It’s been a pretty awesome few months seeing as I started doing this in January.

I also realise that we don’t really know each other and that in reality we would all like to best friends and create some real connections with people – because the Internet is that powerful right?

I don’t really know what I expect from blogging and I think as I use social media more for my craft rather than casual you kind of see a lot of shade and bitchyness.

Bloody hell who doesn’t have a moan or rant about something we see online and maybe someone online on this huge Web space has annoyef you. I throw my hands up and admit I’ve done it and still do. My boyfriend probably can’t keep up with the crap I chew his ear off about.

It’s kind of how we evolve ourselves into modern times, because if it’s not people online or social media we would bitch and moan about folk at work or in public. (I hate people who walk slow in front of me or right up my arse)

But when does it come to a point where you feel left out, targeted, like a vile popularity competition at school. I speak or see/meet people everyday, for my age I’d like to think I have some good life experiences and knowledge on how to hold my own even emotions. – I never seem to see the fake people, the ones that aren’t really pulling you up they are pretending and secretly plotting with others that you would fall back down.

I took it upon myself to get more involved with social media and the more I used it the more It makes me sad. I have a gut feeling and I NEVER ignore my gut feelings that people don’t take me seriously that I’m just the centre of their witches coven. An easy target. Because let’s be honest here I am an easy target. I will always wear my heart on my sleeve no matter the shit I talk because I feel joy when I’m kind to others even if they don’t want it or Ill ever get it back in return.

This is a huge promise to myself. Social media for me will be restricted. I will blog because it’s my new home and try to stay up to date with other blogs. I’ll instagram because I use it as my window for when I feel proud unlike some who just fucking show off but that’s for another day. I will always be a Facebook whore because the groups I am in are very welcoming. I find WordPress harder to feel welcomed, and that’s a Damn shame.
To end this I need to say that I went on see wonder woman and it’s amazing. I’d pay to go see it again. So go see it!!! 


16 thoughts on “Sunday diary ”

  1. I understand your gripe with slow people, I have “slow-phobia” which has been a recurring nightmare for years, lol. Social Media can be the devil, I find it so depressing at times and definitely have to restrict it when I’m in a low mood. It was getting so bad for awhile, I had to weed out everything negative from Facebook and fill it with crochet groups :D. Love that unfollow option. Keep wearing your heart on your sleeve, it just means when you flip someone off, you really mean it!

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    1. Slow phobia sounds about right lol! Also parents with kids and prams aaaaah. That’s a good idea that you restrict if your feeling abit bleughhh. I think fb is more easier to control though and all the groups out weight the negative. I’ve flipped off so many people this week 😂

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  2. I’ve noticed that social media is full of cliques; I started my blog and my Instagram to show what I make (which is all personal) and if people like it, and I mean actually like it, then great. If not, it doesn’t matter because it’s not actually for them. I don’t understand how some of these bloggers came to be so ‘massive’ my blog barely had any followers 😂 but like I say, I’m doing it for me. I love seeing what you’re up to and will continue to follow you and and your projects. Ps it’s your fault I bought chenille yarn… it arrived today! Xx

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    1. It’s like stepford wives sometimes 😂 – that’s a good perspective to have. I know sometimes I feel like I need to be on there level but like you said if people don’t like it then so be it. I think some of these bloggers get paid to advertise and have some kind of pr secret as I also don’t understand how they are so big?! Thank you 🙂 like wise hehe Ooooo I will accept the blame lol I want more of it what type did you get? Can’t wait see what you make xx

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      1. Haha well I’m just happy to share my own makes, I’m not in it to become ‘the next big blogger’ and I’m more than happy with the people I’ve met so far 😊 I went with Bernat Baby Blanket in ‘Peachy’ I’ve not used it before but I looks gorgeous. Xx

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      2. It would be too much work to be a popular blogger Its an effort sometimes to write anything haha. I
        Ooooo lovely 😀 Ahhhhhh I’m so excited for you how sad😂😂😂 xx


  3. I’m trying to work it out so that I’ll be using the different sources of social media for different things. I still haven’t gotten it completely sorted out yet but… I’m thinking that Instagram should be my behind-the-scenes place mostly for WIP photos and such. My WordPress will probably be more of a journal. Twitter is where I will blatantly try to get people to visit my Etsy shop. My Facebook page is probably going to end up being a mix-up of all those things. Pinterest is where I’ll collect my photos. My plan still needs fine tuning.

    People can be hurtful online because they can hide behind a screen. Try not to let them bother you too much. I know that’s hard to do sometimes.

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    1. That’s a good idea. I think that’s why instagram is getting to be my favourite you can just post whatever and not annoy people and unless you have thousands of friends on fb you get a bigger audience! Do you find twitter easy to draw attention to your Etsy shop? Your plan Is actually really clever and well though out.

      Well I will say that the block button is my new best friend 😂


      1. Honestly, I have twice as many followers on Instagram as I have on Twitter and I started them both at the same time. But I do think there’s an audience on Twitter for crochet and crafts. Facebook is a challenge for me too but again, I think it’s worth having a presence there.

        Social Media is a LOT of work that I hope pays off (for both of us) in the long run.


  4. Oh my! Kitty’s got some claws!!! I’m joking but you know how I feel about everything you just said. I don’t use or barely use social media. I do not and have never used facebook. I am one step above incompetent at twitter and I am only slightly better at using instagram. It is all just too fast, too superficial and too fleeting for me. I NEVER expected to make any personal connections with my blog and I certainly NEVER expected to make any friends. But I did and I’m so happy to have met you Rebecca!!! Unless of course I’m super dumb and you were referring to me in your mini rant then ummmmm uuhhhhhh ummmmmmm ……..awkward silence………..<3 ❤ ❤

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    1. Lmao my cats actually due for a trim he’s pissing me off scratching shit. He was clinging to the top of the door frame earlier 😂😂 well you finally started to use hash tags on instagram so your deffo getting the hang of it lol! It really is superficial to the point where barbie is a rag doll. It’s really nice to make them connections but it only ever happens between a few cause the personalities on social media are mega crazy. I’m glad I met you as well master of crafts of wise one, 😂😂 oh shit that would be pretty awkward but don’t worry (totally glad I didn’t share this on fb LOL)

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  5. Bless you, keep going. I didn’t tell anyone else in real life about my blog (except my closest friends) as I didn’t want anyone to laugh at my efforts. I love reading your posts. Take care x

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