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Wednesday WIP& stuff

Bonjour crafters! It’s Wednesday once again and this week is flying damn.. I got so much to do as well it makes me feel sick and want take a million naps.

So i started a ripple blanket last night using stylecraft yarn. I got these colours a few weeks back when i just wanted to shop for yarn and add some different shades to my busting stash.
Incase you missed it on insta, the shades are (from left to right) White, duck egg, storm blue, petrol – I think i got that right.
I have this love hate relationship with a ripple as i started once waaaaaaaaay back and never finished it. I love LOVE LOVE how they look when done and i really like starting them but it’s something about them i don’t like when it comes to finishing the damn thing but this one needs to be finished.
I am so tired lately and so i put the hook down today and decided that i would just kind of chill & catch up on some gaining as I haven’t been able to log into my PS4 for ages.

I also made a few private pin boards on my pinterest for some more store ideas, i am still toying with the keychains and mini makes but struggling to find inspiration. – I’ve actually lost my inspa, i had it all planned out and I am feeling pretty meh this week. I think i just do need a rest, me time no crocheting (Even though my hands are itching) i am even going to catch up on my reading!
A delivery came today for my bookcase and a few other things like a new ironing board and iron plus a new laundry basket. So tomorrow i am going to be busy sorting the living room out and playing catch up with ironing but i might just do that at the weekend.


So this week i have been following Mrs Craft’s free pattern for baskets (Check out that link for the pattern) & I decided to use this bright ass t shirt yarn i got a while back! I bloody hate it, the  hook everything. So i have ordered a better hook (12mm) and it didn’t come today which was annoying as i wanted to finish it so, hopefully by Friday my stuff will arrive and i can finish it over the weekend BECAUSE – I am going to make more.
You see all that fabric in the picture? Yup, totally bought that. I lay it on the airer just to show you guys how much of it i have. I mean i have a lot of it, at least 5 meters.
Funny because when i went to my fabric shop i saw it and i was like hmmm i don’t know how much i need so the lady literally just weighed the lot to see what the total was and go from there. Well it was only £9.66 for the whole – I mean f*** sake how amazing is that?! One ball of t shirt yarn costs like £8.99 – I can make a million uses out of all of that fabric, not just baskets but i could even make a t shirt and add some crochet on the edges etc.
SO yes i am making my own t shirt yarn  – I picked well t shirt fabric for this and i do have a tutorial saved somewhere on how to cut it continuously rather than strips and then have to join. Isn’t it quite surprising how much money you can save? You don’t have to go out and buy fabric you can easily go to some charity/thrift shops and buy old t shirts or fabric, maybe you have some lying around at home? I wanted a specific look and pattern hence why buying the fabric but it honestly hasn’t cost much. So what i think i shall do is, measure how much of it i use for the yarn make note and then in the future i can go back and get the specific ammount.

I am going to do a full post on this at some point on how to make t shirt yarn and i will do a video to show you how to cut, so i think i will do all that this weekend and then post next week.

CAN’T WAIT TO TRY THAT PATTERN OUT WITH MY FABRIC. I want to do all of them and the ribbed one aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Righteo, I’ve done babbling on i don’t think i have anything else to say, so hope you have a good week if i don’t post til weekend & happy WIP Wednesday, drop a comment with y your current projects.

Peace out xox


3 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP& stuff”

  1. Oh that fabric is going to make some fantastic yarn!!! Aren’t you a clever shopper!!!! Good for you having a chill and nap day – you deserve it! 😀 That basket pattern that Mrs. C designed is really cute. You could make some in colors that match your baby blankets for nice nursery accessories! They would be really cute for storing baby things. Maybe make up some nice cotton washcloths and roll them up and tuck them into the baskets with a little bottle of baby shampoo and baby wash for a nice gift basket for new mothers or baby showers!! 😀


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