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What up world, so Tuesday it is. I feel like evert week is getting shorter and shorter! 

Not much is happening on my side I am concentrating on life for a while & obviously crocheting. I’ve closed my website for a few weeks because I am making lots of things And some of the boring technical changes that wouldnt kind of work if it was all live. 

Anyways I made those cute booties the other day and Iearnt from Croby Patterns 

I also have some other patterns of hers that I am going to use which I bought from her store. She also has a video on how to make your own soles. 

I like the way she makes her soles so I am going to note them all down and consider designing my own booties. 

I was also going to do a blog with another award I was nominated for but I feel like these are getting too much for me and I notice that people feel left out (just from what I’ve see whilst browsing) when they haven’t been nominated – which kind of brings me to the same people get listed over and over. 

Please don’t take offense to anything as I did take part myself and was going to do another thanks to Robin but I think the fun has passed for me. 

So to anyone that hasn’t seen your name on a list don’t fret everyone’s blog is worthy regardless… 

(I probably won’t be around much blogging wise til this award phases has calmed down. Again if you get offended by my complaining simply don’t read what I say. I won’t beat around the bush and sugar coat shit as I didn’t make my blog for that reason and won’t run around sprinkling happy fairy dust.) 

I guess my depression has decided to come back for a bit hence the shitty mood. I’m also still feeling run down. 

Happy crafting follow me on instagram @twinklehook_ 


13 thoughts on “Crocheting & things”

  1. Bless you, I agree on the award posts. They’re lovely but I’ve done them all and it takes a whole evening to copy and paste links to everyone’s blogs and I really need to be crafting as there’s so many things I’m working on. It’s always nice to be nominated and I feel ignorant not doing the awards posts but that wasn’t why I started blogging. Anyway, take care x

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    1. Urgghh the thought of copying and pasting 😂😂 and yes agreed. It’s distracting when you have a ton of things to do especially when there’s not enough hours in the bloody day lol take care too xx

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  2. LOL Rebecca I nominate you for the Best Shitty Mood Blogger Award!!! I am laughing so hard at the last few lines of your post – “Shitty mood grr grrr grrrr – Follow me on Instagram” LOLOL You are the best!!!! I think you should make those booties in adult sizes too – a whole Mommy & Me line of cute booties!! And I know that secretly you are in a bad mood because I still haven’t finished my skirt. Sorry. I’m doing my best!!! 😀 😀 😀 Now sprinkle me with some of that Happy Fairy Dust!!!

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    1. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂. It’s a good job I like you otherwise I’d be throwing dog shit your way and telling you to keep your happiness away 🤣🤣🤣 never thought of a mummy and me set I would have to figure out the adult soles urgghh fuck sake more work LOL… I swear to God tami get that skirt done hahahahahah

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      1. LOL I have enough dog poo in my yard thank you very much!!! Is Happy Fairy dust made of ground up dog poop??????? LOL You ❤ my happy and you know it!! 😀

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  3. I did an award post today but I totally agree with you and I even said so in the blog post. They are fun but very time consuming and people like you and I need to concentrate on getting our new shops going.

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