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Whispering shadow

Her long brown hair fell beautifully as she sat in her window, reading what appeared to be an old war love story. I knew her favourite type of books, i knew a lot about her and it had only been three months. I could see the  frustration in her eyes as one strand of hair kept falling and would stay put as she put it behind her ears.
After a good few minutes, my eyes followed her as she got up and what looked like hair clips, she made sure it was secured.

I knew it wouldn’t be long til she called it bedtime and i would get to see her body gracefully undress into shorts and a small tank top. I loved her pale smooth skin, how perky her breasts were.
She was beautiful, a perfect painting.  But her looks wasn’t what caught my eye, it was her caring nature. How she loved to help other people and never herself, every Friday she would finish work early and meet with her family for a huge meal. They were all so close, i loved seeing them all laugh and joke with each other. Of course being the only sister, she would get teased but as always she held her own.

11:00pm struck and it was time for bed, no rest for her. The working week was almost over and i would get to see her relaxed and enjoying life.
As she changed into her minimal outfit, i couldn’t help but want to kiss her body all over.
I knew she wouldn’t let me, she would be too tired.

Her body lay in bed and the lights were off leaving just a small shine coming from the bathroom. She never slept without that light being on, she felt safer as she lived alone.
We all have our fears and the darkness is something to be terrified of especially if you don’t have anyone to protect you.

I would protect her of course, i would never let anything happen to her.

I wrote a little note and slid it under the door of her apartment and i let her be. Tonight wasn’t the night for me to stay with her, i needed to prepare things for when me and her would finally be together, our own house with a garden where our children would play and grow.
I have waited three months to this day for this to happen, ever since she said hi to me on the bus home from work. Our run ins at the coffee shop, like it was fate.

Beth, my beautiful Beth… One day, soon. I will finally be able to tell you i love you.


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