Friday fun – learning calligraphy 

Before I get started I want to say that I am going to upload a video over the weekend on my bullet journal. I recored yesterday to post today things went wrong. I had no sleep last night so I’m trying to chill but I will record it and get it all done by the weekend.
Anyways, this week I got my crayola pens and other pens that I got for my journal and started practicing calligraphy. I try to write fancy with just a biro or fine line but seen this bullet journal stuff everyone seems to be super artistic (I’ll touch on this in the video) and I thought okay let’s step out of your crocheting world and try something new.

I really shouldn’t of as I have a shit load of things to be doing for the store but as long as I’m working on orders etc I thought screw it. I need a life too!

Here is my progression this week on calligraphy – starting order is first picture is my first attempts and the last picture is literally an hour ago.

Okay so if your familiar with curvy post writing you’ll probably pick calligraphy up quite easily. The idea is your up strokes are to be thin and down strokes thick. So brush pens, watercolour brushes and yes crayolas can be used for this.

Well crayola can suck its own Ink. I hated calligraphy for the first two days….

So I’m left handed and I really struggled to get the right grip the way I saw them doing it on the videos and I was getting pissed off. So I ordered some brush pens – Tom bow and yep they aren’t really that cheap but the cheap ass ones I got for a few quid sucked so much I threw them out. And the crayolas well I jacked up one of the tips LOL

I also tried a new font.

And also tried to sketch my cat. Yeah laugh go on it sucks I can’t draw I never stuck it out at art at school because I was too busy rebelling and bunking off. I do however have a huge passion for water colours and I loved it as a kid so next month I’m going to buy some cheap ones and start painting again.

OKAYS so I’ve been watching someone called alphonso on YouTube i will totally link it on my bullet journal blog. He teaches you how to draw with pen etc he’d a genius.
ANYWAYS – my tombow pens arrived as well as some other cheeky pens and 100 a4 card for (4.99) whaaaaat bargain. I got the card for free printable shit.

I literally achieved this an hour ago….

Okay I’m aware my lines aren’t like 100% perfect but for a week practise and probably only half an hour at a time I think I am kinda getting it. It felt alot better using the Tom bow pens and even though I’m still trying to figure out my way of holding the pen I think I am getting it.
So what next? I am going to try and practice everyday for at least half an hour. If I can’t stick to that then attest once a week for an hour straight. As long as I schedule some time in.

I’ve also learnt that being left handed sucks I mean I get were amazing and super intelligent but damn it’s so awkward. I also learnt that keep at it and sometimes a little upgrade goes a long way. I mean I can’t even afford this shit I want something I get it and when it comes so stationery I can’t say no.
So video over the weekend. Keep an eye out and that’s it, have a awesome weekend!!!


18 thoughts on “Friday fun – learning calligraphy ”

    1. Oh yeah it really is hard! I haven’t practiced in a while but If you go on pinterest and type in free printable hand writing. You can print off sheets that have the letters on to practise over xx


  1. Caligraphy can definitely be a challenge! I’ve been practicing off and on since I was 8 when my grandmother gifted me one of the old fashioned stationary boxes with interchangeable tips and ink wells. I highly suggest looking for one of those. You can pick the newer sets up cheaply and you’ll be absolutely amazed at how much easier it is. Although, as a leftie, it may be a little harder as you’ll be working with straight ink and no dampener like a felt tip. Your last set looks great though, so maybe you’re already on your way and I need to shut my mouth! And I like your cat sketch!!

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    1. Oh my what a beautiful gift to have! It’s always more precious when you use those kind of things. I’ll deffo look out for something like that I might have to go my art shop! Thanks for the tip ❤️

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  2. I’m a lefty too!!! It makes it extra hard for us to learn new crafts. All of the tutorials seem to be for right handed. We need to make left handed videos!!!! I think your practice pages look great!! Doesn’t it piss you off when you watch the tutorial and thing wow that looks easy and then you try to do it and it’s not!!!!!! The sketch of your cat isn’t bad at all. I like it!!! 😀


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