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Makeup Monday – Jaclyn hill x Morphe Palette review.


Right off the bat – I am not sponsored or paid to talk about this product, i purchases this with my own money and am 100% giving you my honest thoughts.
All links will be provided at the end of this post.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH shit! This palette finally came to the UK last Thursday, and if you were like me got the email and had it ready to checkout at 8:30am and after 3 hours later got it then, well done! Super sorry to those that didn’t manage to get it, the situation was messed up.
They will be restocking sometime in October.



All pictures of swatches have not been edited to look ‘better’ i have uploaded them just the way they are.


The palette

So, this palette retails at $38.00 on the Morphe site and £37.00 in the UK so they have just kept it the same despite in conversion £28.63 – Now if you are one of those people that couldn’t wait for it to launch in the UK on Beauty bay or are also going to decide to buy from Morphe. PLEASE remember, Morphe has expensive shipping and it’s around £20.00 for custom charge, that’s one expensive palette when you think about it.

It came in a cardboard box, the packaging is also cardboard i mean i wont upload pictures of the packaging because, let’s face it this palette as been every where just Google!
We will get to this more  when i discuss the pros and cons but it does not have a mirror inside and it’s quite big.
The shelf life is 12 months but powders etc tend to last waaay beyond that so bleugh.
It has a total of 56.2g / 1.98oz.
This does contain talc and mica.
It also comes with a plastic protector of the shades, now for those who got this PR they got a card with all the shade names etc so you just to know you won’t get one.
They do however have a PDF file on the morphe site (link at the end) and you can download the shades, i am going to print it off and stick it inside the palette.

This palette comes with 35 unique shadows, Jaclyn worked her ass off for two years with Morphe and she claims that they have been formulated and pressed differently. I will link her Youtube videos at the end of this blog and you can see her talk more about it.

Is this a must have item to have in your makeup collection?

If you are a die hard Jaclyn fan and have been with her either from day one or for a long time now then you won’t need convincing to get this. I mean, the girl is super beautiful and extremely talented. Her tutorials are probably one of the first one’s i ever watched when i wanted to become better at makeup. That really is her strength! So yes it’s a must have item just like a Bieber album is to a fan.

If you have palettes full of these colour’s then i would say have a good think. I do have eye shadows with this type of tone but when seeing this up close and personal and swatching them, every shade is actually very unique.


What if i am okay at makeup, or a beginner, someone that wants to experiment more with shadows, a makeup artist or just someone that likes to buy makeup?

This palette is actually perfect for all of those. It has some pretty neutral basic shades, as well as some warm tones, shimmers and a pop of colour. So you have a lot to choose from, especially if your someone that wants to progress and play around then this is actually perfect. If you have a teenage daughter or son who is always wanting the new shit then get them this, it will keep them busy for a long time.
The shades are pigmented, some more than others. They do have some kick back and fall out, but i mean that seems to be a trend these days *cough cough, Subculture* If you are a beginner and don’t really understand pigmentation or aren’t someone who likes to go super in depth with products then i would suggest to use a light hand.
Some matte shades i found a little patchy, but finding the right brush and switching it up a bit helps. Most of the shimmer and foil shades i did use a wet brush more so on the pink shade that is the first on the left.


Just a quick note, i haven’t swatched every single shade.








Some shades we could of done without. I found that it could get a little repetitive with the neutral shadows, and i think some more pops of colour would of been a nice extra. Though for her first palette like this, it’s normal to have warm tones and neautral shades. I don’t think this will be last palette she does with Morphe, and i hope it doesn’t take as long! Because i really do think Jaclyn has awesome taste in shades.



This is the first look i managed to create using this palette.



I actually had no issue with the black shade, and if i am honest i rarely use black. If i do darken the outer corner or want to create a smokey look. Depending on the palette i use, i tend to go for grey or really dark browns. So i must say, i really liked it.
I packed it on until i was happy with the tone, i didn’t want it to be super black because that’s how i like to do things.


This issues i have with this palette

Some colours are harder to work with than others, but that really is not a massive issue. I think if you have some knowledge on how to work with more difficult shadows you’ll have no issue.

The packaging – YUP i think everyone noted this. The cardboard it came in was flimsy, but it had a real nice touch on the pack with photos of Jaclyn.
The actual palette is made out of cardboard and its white. Which means, mess mess mess!!!! It will get dirty quickly and i feel like it would get damaged more easily if it was to be taken during travelling. I did however get some book cover plastic shit, and stuck that on both sides of the palette. I now have a shiny but more protected palette.

It doesn’t have a mirror, yup this big ass palette that just cost you £37 doesn’t have a mirror. Which for me was a big disappointment. I buy regularly from a brand called Make up revolution – They are cruetly free brand that are CHEAP (to me anyways, like £8 for eyeshadows) AND they come with a mirror and they have plastic packaging.
Why couldn’t Morphe jut go that extra step? I get that there other palettes don’t have mirrors but, this is also a little more in price as well.

No shade names, this pissed me off actually. All the bloody Guru’s on Youtube or bloggers on the PR list got cards with the shade names on. I mean, all the eyeshadow palettes i have come with a plastic protector with the shade names. They could of atleast bloody put it on this protector. But it’s ok, i will take sometime out of my day to go online, download the file.

Its big – Which isn’t a huge downer for me, but trying to do my makeup in my OTHER mirror whilst holding this is a f*ing pain. Hence why this would of been so complete with a mirror and i will bitch about this til the day i die.


Over all rating

7.5/10 – Just because of those con’s. They are a big deal to me but the quality of this palette i can’t fault.
I literally get this out every day just to look at it with amazement, i want more palettes from Jaclyn.
I couldn’t feel more prouder of this girl to accomplish what she has, and screw anyone who isn’t a Jaclyn fan. Where is your palette at?

This palette shows hardwork and its going to be worth the money you spend.

So, add this to your wish list, birthday list, christmas list or buy it ASAP. It’s not a limited item, it’s going to be stocked continuously as far as i am aware.




Buy it here via Morphe

Now, this is the UK site Beauty Bay but i cannot see the palette listed so ill link the site here


Restock sign up


Jaclyn youtube links

Palette reveal
Hot fire smokey eye tutorial
Jaclyn’s go to look with her palette
Makeup tutorial feat Jaclyn hill palette              < Skip to 8 minutes in the video, she starts her eye makeup round about then.



SO that is literally everything. I love this palette so much, i just have those few issues but for someone like me who is average at makeup this is for sure something i can use to expand my skills.

Thanks for reading, keep a look out next monday for another beauty post.

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