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Crochet/Craft catch up & my first moon picture



Howdy people I’ve been reading some of your blogs and it’s nice to see everyone busy with projects. I’ve just finished my last teddy orders, now i am working on the two Blanket orders which need to be done by November BUT this person has also extended there order after seeing me make another mini unicorn and wants two of these as well LOL!
So, i’ve kept my order book closed until the 20th of October, which was something i was going to do so i can get some prep time in for Christmas, which is only fair right?

I also have another order which i have accepeted, but does ‘t need to be done until December but its the same as this mini unicorn but made bigger and personalised.


Horrible weekend.

So i was woken at 6:00AM Sunday by a lady with her two children outside our block screaming help help fire. Sadly, the three story block right next to mine was on fire. Her home set a light by the use of a storage heater, because she lived on the ground floor she managed to get out.
I saw the fire, and this horrible sight of seeing someone pulled out. A guy jumped out of his window and one had to be rescued from this ledge.
The family that i am guessing lived above the lady, has sadly passed away today and i feel completely helpless, her two children are still in hospital critical. I don’t believe in God but i do hope that the baby and kid survive.
I haven’t had much sleep, it’s been playing on my mind alot and i can’t get the images out of my head. I have to wake up and see it out of my window as it was in plain view. I wish i could of helped.

My heart also goes out to those all killed in Las Vegas, i have no words to as why someone would want to such a fucking thing.
This world is bloody horrible at the best of times with all sorts going on with Spain and these god damn storms just ruining peoples lives.

So lets just take a few moments to look at how lucky we were. We might not have much money, or not live in the best of homes. But we have a roof over our head, food to eat and fresh water to drink. And some of us are lucky to have friends and family around us as well. 
We are privileged in so many ways, and yet we do take things for granted whether you want to admit that or not.

Back to it

So apart from that, an i aren’t saying sorry for that sad moment. I’ve been a bit grumpy lately. Like i’ve felt extra stressed and cant figure out why – I have even acted shitty with my mum and i shouldn’t because she’s not very well and everytime i am nasty i want to cry because i really don’t mean it. I think its a build up of something idk.

But i have my camera now, just waiting on my back drop stand cause it took me a while to pick one and some lighting so i can film when its darker.
Can’t wait to make videos, it’s easier to explain LOL – I’ve also made a massive list of things to make in the up an coming weeks and what i want to crochet.

Its long………………………………………….Also buying these crochet magazines, anyone else find some of them shit? It’s a hit and miss most months and i end up getting pissed off i just wasted 6.99 on a magazine that has average crap in it. IDK I hate they are in plastic so you can’t even sneaky peak in them.

OH so, this is the picture i took with my camera of the moon 🙂 I still need some practise with the tripod etc but i kind of wanted to hurry as i felt like people in surrounding flats would see this person with her window open and a camera and assume i was a peeping  tom. It’s not bad, i wanted to get closer but it was a cloudy night so i am hoping the weekend will be better as i want to get in on some of those stars!



 Hannah @ quietwatercraft has been a doll and made me a custom birthday card for my mums birthday! I love it and she has such a cute eye for detail. We also noted that its such a small world, she used to live locally – how crazy is that?? So i check out her blog and her Etsy shop.



So that’s it i haven’t a lot to say as i am typing this, and scheduling it my hands are frozen as the window is open and i cba get up and close it.

I hope you are all well, and what have your crafty hands been upto????????????????????????

Here is a picture of my cat for comfort. I don’t know why hes cross eyed here???????????????




11 thoughts on “Crochet/Craft catch up & my first moon picture”

  1. I’m sorry you have felt so affected by the fire; it’s crazy how our brains process things. I hope the children are ok. And you’re very right, we are lucky for what we have an it’s important to reflect on that, so thank you for making me have a little think about that!
    I also think that about crochet mags btw, I’m going to have to stop buying them! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t imagine what the families are feeling, scary! Sadly on of the children that were effected by the fire died and the mother. But everyone else is okay. They are sooo hard to not buy cause you think OH maybe this time it has good stuff inside and then its like right okay never again. Plus there’s like 3 different crochet magz aha evil they are!


  2. Wow that moon ❤️ it’s so beautiful I can’t wait to see more pictures from you. I also really hope you’re okay after that terrible accident, it would have been awful to witness 😞 sending hugs 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a horrible thing to go through, I imagine that the images will never leave you. Just hope that happier times will crowd them off. Congrats on all the orders. I love your products and tags, they look so professional 🙂.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That unicorn is so cute!!
    So sorry about the fire. That happened to me when I was in college and it was just horrible, you feel so useless. But I am glad it wasn’t your flat.
    I’m so relieved you said that about crochet magazines, I thought it was just me! I usually love the free gift, but then I flick through the actual magazine once and never look at it again. The only things I’ve ever *really* wanted to make were some bags that came in a wee booklet last month.
    Aww I really hope your mum likes the card too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh god really? Were you in the college when it happened? Urgghh I know right, it’s literally all advertisements as well!!! Yesssssssssss I liked the booklet with the bags. It’s like the money you spend may as well go on finding patterns on pinterest or Etsy. Some of the stuff in them is gross. Not long now til she can open the card lol

      Liked by 1 person

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