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Crochet conker – RE-BLOG


I saw this post as i am trying to catch up with blogs, and this just filled me up with happy memories as a child.

My grandad would take me on a weekend, usually a Sunday and we would go and find conkers 🙂 I remember use wrapped up warm and rummaging the floor and through leaves for them.
It makes me laugh because i’d have lots and my mum would make comments about washing them because a dog might of peed on them.
Then i would get a hole put in and string attached and play the  conker game.

As i got a bit older, i remember with my street friends (childhood friends, usually my bestie) we would sneak in over the gates of our primary school and play on the playground and then head for the horse chestnut tree and fill our pockets of conkers. We would even find ones not open.

So i hereby declare that i will make it my mission this month, as well as taking my new camera on a journey to collect conkers. I might even make something and put it on my grandads grave in memory.

Happy saturday folks.




I do love Autumn… just when I think I’m going to dread the dark evenings and cold weather, nature gives its autumnal burst of gorgeous colours and each year I find myself falling in love with Autumn all over again! My creativity gets a boost from all that renewed inspiration too. From mushrooms which I […]

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5 thoughts on “Crochet conker – RE-BLOG”

  1. What a sweet story!!! I love when something triggers such a warm memory from childhood. I was just thinking about how much fun it was just being outside and collecting leaves, rocks, nuts and things like that in the fall. It’s sad that now kids don’t seem to do that anymore. There’s probably an app for all of the awesome outdoor games that kids play sitting in their bedrooms on their phones now.

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    1. Awwww collecting rocks was also a favourite! I used to get so excited at the special looking ones but thinking back, they were probably really old pieces of dog shit. You know your actually right, it is a shame and it’s sad that parents or families can’t just pass these little things on. I dont think being a child and growing your mind/creativity and sense of adventure is using phones. HOW MANY DAMN 9 year olds have iphones wtf!

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