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Makeup Revolution Soph x palette – Review


Straight off the bat, with the exception of my first beauty post about products i like. When i am doing review – I WONT be getting all professional with my photos. I want you to see these products raw, like its your eyes looking right at them. Because its fair.
Also, i am not affiliated with this company, not sponsored to review this item nor did i get it for free.
These views are my own, and i got this with my own dollar – Kaching.


The stuff before the review

Okay, lets the this shit out of the way. Makeup revolution are probably for me one of the damn best drug store brands right now. They have a website (any other sites mentioned, all links will be at the end of this post.) They are affiliated with I heart makeup, Freedom, Makeup Obsession and a few other brands. All can be found on – I believe you can order internationally via that site, but if your also in the UK Superdrug stock the products online and in store, and for the U.S I am going to guess and say Ulta.
Personally, most of my items have been ordered with tam beauty as everytime i go to a drug store every one fingers the make up and blah i can’t ever get what i want.
The prices are crazy! I mean, like most brands even the high end – You are going to get some mega hits and some misses but if your paying half the price it’s not a massive loss. I mean i’d rather spend £10.00 on an eye shadow palette and it be shit than spend £40 + you feel me?

So Soph aka Sophdoesnails is just one of the three brand ambassadors (and she’s a super cool, down to earth youtuber) who did a collab with them and came out with her own palette.
From picking the colours, and shade names to designing the packaging she gave her creative all!
She also released her own high lighter palette which i am actually waiting for because they also launched a few new things the other day 😀 and yup they are on order.

Anyways – So the palette is £10.00, 24 shadows so 14 mattes and i think 10 shimmer shades.
This brand is Cruelty free, even though they don’t have the bunny logo on the website? but they do swear they are. I am actually going to email them though and ask why. I’ve only really recently been paying attention more to cruetly free brands, and trying to use as many as possible so it’s always super reassuring when you do see that bunny.
The palette HOWEVER is vegan, cruelty free and gluten free. So Soph did have some good influence here!

All the shades are named and as always with with MUR palettes, they come with a mirror. I mean honestly, i really don’t get how some expensive brands cant add in a good quality mirror in palettes.
That, is for a rainy day.


I won’t be saying sorry for the shit picture, i won’t be saying sorry for the condition of the palette because this beaut has had some use lol! I love it but we won’t go into that yet.
So firstly, i love the names. The shades really do give a Autumn/fall vibe, but i would actually use this shade all year round. Summer spring, i tend to steer for pink, gold, light orange and i use browns but only lightly. So depending on how you look at this palette, it can be versatile if you really used it for all seasons.
HOWEVER, it is more autumn/winter which isn’t a bad thing.

Some swatches

I haven’t swatched every single one, because i am a lazy reviewer. I think arm swatches are pointless and really doesn’t tell you if they are going to work on the eye.
Which is where i am going to go into it after these pictures. So you will literally just see the shades on my finger tips, fuck i feel stupid though now. But honestly, pigmentation and the way the look on an arm really really doesn’t tell you the truth.
THE only reason why i did it with the JH palette is because the thing was so damn big.








These are just two of the looks i did with this palette. I’ve done many more but these have been my favourite.




The matte shades work like a dream, they blend really nicely and the orange shades in particular. I am actually very surprised with the black shade, usually blacks are patchy or you need to build them up which isn’t a bad thing. I like to build up my black eye shadows rather than having full pigment and too much to work with. But this black is kind of in the middle. Thought i’ve only used the black a few times, it’s not a colour i reach for that often!

The bottom picture i used;
Transition – cuppa tea
Crease – tiramasu and a little bit of mug cake
Lid – Copper coin
And for a bit of warmth on the corner I used rose wood

Favourite matte shades are:

  • Cuppa tea
  • Tirimasu
  • Pug
  • Penguin & Pancakes – Penguin, is great for brow bone highlight or defining, as well as setting any eye primer. I don’t really define my brows but i do like to get a flat brush under my brow, just touching the start of my shadow to blend the eye shadow.
    Pancakes again is perfect for blending and setting. Two must have colours for me in palettes as something like the shade like pancakes is handy to have if you’ve made a blending mistake or need to correct outer edges. Just pop that shade on a blending brush, i like to use these – or whatever brush and sweep over to cancel out mistakes.


Shimmers are something i’ve only started to really play with more. Some shimmers can be really thick and crumbly, and a few are like this in this palette. Don’t think that’s a negative. Some of these are best used with a wet brush or some fixing spray to get them to work better, and make the colours pop. Grow old and copper coin were my least favourite shades to work with, which was a shame because grow old is probably one of my most loved.
But, depending on the brush you use or technique you might have better luck. Everyone is different.
The pigment on copper coin is there, but trying to make it pop on the eye was a little disappointing and i noted that it was an okay shade, not a shade i haven’t seen else where either.

Petrol and pine tree however are quite unique, i’ve seen many green shimmers but this one has a tiny reflect in it which i love, and its the perfect green. Some green shades ive used in the past with other palettes, end up looking dark and boring, almost brown at times and muddy if mixed with other colours.
The first eye look, i used Pine tree and i did have to wet my brush and pack it on.

Petrol though, is epic. It’s got this awesome shift, and i will WILL edit this post with a proper swatch so you can see the shift as the last picture of my finger, you can only just see it on Petrol.
Its perfect for the outer corner of the eye, and the shift in colour doesn’t make it hard to mix it with other colours as it kind of gives it this unusual touch. I will do an eye look with this shade again, but i don’t like to wear heavy or darkish make up too often because i almost feel OVER dressed?

For the green eye look the shades used are;
Transition: pug
Crease: mug cake and a tiny bit of rosewood
Lid: starting from the corner sparks fly then used pine tree.

Little bit of fairy lights towards the brow just to blend edges.


Overall thoughts

For the price point, and quality it’s actually really good and i prefer some of these shades over my JH palette. It’s CURRENTLY one of my favourite palettes to use, but not my all time favourite because some of the shades i won’t ever use like the red/orange warm tones. With the exception of the autumn look i did, as i will use those colours again.
If you have a palette full of browns and warm shades, i would say to actually buy it. The shimmer shades make it worth while as the brown shimmers and gold tone ones are really beautiful. Every shade has it’s use.
And if you are fan of Soph, you are supporting her and the brand.

I would like to of seen more pink tones, and could of maybe done without the two brown shades at the bottom. Even though one is more cool toned.


Rating 9/10 – It’s £10, it hasn’t broken my bank and i will use this palette over and over again.

Click here for Soph’s channel
Tam beauty 



I will continue to edit this post and update it with pictures and swatches, i will be doing my first Youtube video and this brand will be mostly talked about! So keep a look out.

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8 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Soph x palette – Review”

  1. I know it’s really lovely, it was a palette that really made me come out of my comfort zone with the reds and the pinks, I would say it’s a dupe for the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Palette for sure! It was such a good palette, I seriously need to open it up again and create some looks with it for autumn 🍂 ahah yes, I struggle with cream highlighters as well, I think they just look like a trail of creamy glitter over my face ahah. I need to defiantly venture in to more of the liquid highlighters, Barry M will have to be on my list to try out, and if I like the Iconic London ones are the high end version. Yeah that Elf Baked Highlighter was an absolute pain, I would not recommend. No pigment at all! I’m not sure about the rest of their products though. I know that would be my worst nightmare that’s why I hardly buy any high end products ( and because I’m cheap ) ahah yes there’s so many products I need to try out for definite! Nothing wrong with a good dupe🌟


  2. Yeah I’ve had a few makeup revolution palettes, I love the new-trals vs neutrals palette by them it’s one of my favourites! I know what you mean about the highlighters, they do come across chalky I think you just have to break off a few layers before pigment really kicks in! I struggle with baked highlighters though, especially this ELF I tried the other week, awful☹️ ooh I’ll have to check it out, I’m not always one for eye shadow dupes but if it’s good then I’m there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg new-trals is probably one of the best they’ve ever made, quality is insanely good, I think they need to do a second one and make a little family. I wish every palette was like that though from tjem. I might turn all my mur highlighters into powder 🤣. I’m also the same with baked ones, I swear they are textures best friend as well lol. Not used ELF for a long time, I think they’ve gone abit meh, imagine buying a really expensive one and being disappointed 😥. Same! I feel like I’m cheating the higher brand but I think this one if you look at it you think subculture but when you really use the colours it’s very fall. Also the rose gold and flawless 4 are good, only thing with some of the flawless palettes is I get a strong smell of talc or something. Unless it’s just my use of dry shampoo flying in the air lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is really pigmented, the odd one is abit chalky I think mainly the baked high lighters feel that way to me anyways. Don’t use highlight as much as eyeshadow though but the Barry M liquid highlighters are CRAZY blinding! you won’t be disappointed in the eyeshadow though. They just released a mint chocolate palette as well, its a bit of a subculture dupe!

        Liked by 1 person

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