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Crochet bumpy baby blanket



Sup folks! I’m coming right back at ya with one of those treacherous blankets.
Honestly, i think the one thing i loath making for orders is blankets because i have to do them within a time frame – Meaning i have a blanket i started i think around Feb, i did blog about it, i haven’t finished it. Partly because i made it too big and it’s taking ages to decrease, secondly I CAN DO IT WHENEVER I WANT! If this takes me five years i don’t care, but no no no made to order blankets can’t take five years, the baby will basically graduating by then and it will be no use.

So, this order is 1 of 2 items. I have a second blanket to make for this customer and i have had to get my mum jump in and finish it as i had a really bad cold the other week and it’s taken me literally a week to get rid of it and then a few days to recover, i still aren’t 100% im so tired etc but i need to drink more water and get more fruit in me as i’ve been seriously slacking on the water in take. Cups of tea and Diet Coke doesn’t count.

Right back to it………………………. OH YES SO because i was poorly i fell behind and thank God my mum can crochet LOL! These needed to be finished by the end of this month or beginning of November so i really am thankful for the extra pair of hands. This weekend i should be able to get pictures of the other blanket and my mum has left weaving in the bloody ends to me GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. WEAVE AS YOU GO WOMAN WEAVE AS YOU GO!



The blanket pattern can be found here – OKAY so, yup my blanket looks exact and the same colour. Not my choice, i always like to encourage my customers into different colours and styles which is why i set up a pin board on Pinterest with blanket ideas. It’s easy to talk about crocheting and what stuff means but if your a customer and has no clue it’s so much easier so simplify it and say ok, point and choose LOL

This customer wanted this exact pattern and exact colour, which was boring i hate HATE plain colours. But because of the pattern and it’s all bumpy i actually enjoyed this a lot more than i thought.

I used a 6.5MM crochet hook and 6 balls of Grey Robin Chunky, i don’t usually use this yarn and not quite sure why i chose it, ive worked with this brand briefly in the past and i don’t find it as soft as some Acrylic but once worked it does soften and i will be washing, blocking and throwing it in the dryer.
This is something i always do when making things for customers, but also it softens the fibers. If you have teddies or toys etc get some fabric conditioner add some to a spray bottle, i like to add water to make it go further and spray. This is great as sometimes when i make things, once washed i store them in plastic clear bags and then a box and if they are sitting around bored they will need some deodorant after a while



The pattern is strange isn’t is, it’s almost a puffy bobble stitch. It’s quite an effective and easier way to create that textured look and i think this looks just find in a plain colour. I think if variegated yarn was to be used it might take away the effect of this pattern but i might have a play in the near future.

To finish this off, as the pattern requested go round twice for the border doing SC oh that’s U.S for DC – I really should get used to working in UK terms but bleugh.

I haven’t shown the person yet as i want to show her with the second blanket, an then ill take some proper photos of this tomorrow for my Instagram and FB portfolio so if you see this blanket it again, its just me being spammy with photos.

So that’s it for now, i can’t say i want to make anymore bloody blankets anytime soon but i have a few requests for after Christmas GRRRRRR (just kidding, kinda)

What else is on my hook? Ok so i have my scarf i started to make with this gorgeous yarn by Hayfield i did post a piccie on insta – I have a Custom doll for December, Mermaid tail (Which i need to double check with the customer) AND LOTS OF CHRISTMAS GOODIES!!!! YES you know it’s that time right to get cracking!!! I have a stall in December, and i want to make lots of cute things plus stuff in general BECAUSE as of next year, i will be focusing my business on pre-made items. More on this in the future, i will still be doing custom etc but anyways.

I think i can squeeze in a few order slots or am i over whelming myself lol!


Hope everyone is okay, whats everyone got going on? (P.S still catching up on blogs)


P.S.S If you missed me mentioning the link, here is the pattern for the blanket >>>>>> CLICK





5 thoughts on “Crochet bumpy baby blanket”

  1. Oh this looks so soft and squishy!!! I totally get what you mean though about making something exactly the same as the example picture. It would make me crazy to not be able to have the freedom to express my own crochet style. I would get so bored and be so uninspired just making a copy of someone else’s work. Having said that you did a fantastic job on this blanket!! I love the texture. I just got done reading the other blanket post and now I’m wondering if THIS is the pattern I should use for the blanket I’m going to make for my asshole brother in law. Hmmmm I need to decide soon and get started on it. Well done and look at you getting things finished!!!! 😀 😀 😀

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    1. How the heck did i miss this comment lol!? But yessss its so freakin boring but then again sometimes crochet is boring, remember all them SC you had to do on that skirt hahahahaha. The texture feels so ASMR if that makes sense. This will eat your yarn but it works up quick with chunky, only thing i will suggest is if your gonna use the hook given by your yarn etc go up a size if your are a tight crocheter, i wish i had done that as i needed to soften this blanket in the wash because i was really tight for some reason? If push comes to shove get some variegated yarn an do a granny blanket cant go wrong with that one!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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