Let’s have fun – Top 10 favourite movies


OK so i haven’t been able to stick to my usual routine of blogging haha, next week i’ll do another beauty review but for the mean time, here is my top ten favourite movies EVER!
Number 1 ranking the best.

10. The Lost Boys

OH MY GOD this film, i love it i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it. LIKE i know you know i love the 70’s BUT THE 80’s how god damn sexy were they! Such a shame about Corey Haim but these make vampirism sexy lol!!!

9. The Breakfast club

If you don’t like this film or you have never watched this film – Girl bye.

8. The Addams Family

Okay, the films are little bit silly but they are random, weird, and everything i am. This film made up pretty much my child hood lol! I always wanted to be in that family. You gotta have some quirkiness in your film selection right?

7. Edward Scissorhands

My mum would go round my nans (my dads mum) on a weekend, and no doubt id end up on the sofa with a blanket watching a video. THIS one, i would pick this one every time. I was obsessed. He scared the shit out of me as a kid but i was loved him, i felt sorry for him. Even to this day, now understanding the film and the deeper meaning it touches me every time!

6. Up!

If this doesn’t make you laugh or cry then are you even human? This made it into the list because its brilliant. I guess some of the story is a little mature, the losing the baby, death etc but why do animated films always have to be so KID friendly. Shit, i was watching the Exorcist in bed as a kid. Ok so i taped it one night when i saw it was on TV my mum didn’t know, but still. Of course i have a bunch of favourite animated films, but for me this got me forgetting the rest. I mean, this film knocked off Snow white.

5. My Best Friends Wedding

I watched this as a kid as well LOL  my mum got me into so many films, i think i was around 8 or 9 when i saw this film. Anyways, this list sucks because all these films deserve to me number one. My Besties wedding, i can’t fault it. It cheers me up and the scene where they sing Aretha Franklin is iconic.
Julia roberts, you do it ever time, you nail every damn role!

4. Titanic

I’ve watched this film around 100 times, no honestly i that’s how much i love it. It makes me CRY every single time, some people think this film is hella cheesy and i know it’s not 100% to the tragedy, the black an white film is more accurate but it still is super hard to watch knowing all those people died. Oh shit, pass me the tissues.

3.Calamity Jane

Doris Day was one of the first old school actresses my mum introduces me too, in fact this was the first film i saw with Doris day. From that moment on, i loved her so much as an actress. She is beautiful and has such a perfect representation of what a Hollywood star should be. I still think she is the most beautiful woman and as a kid i always wanted to be pretty like her. This was a hard one to list because i really am a huge fan and i’ve seen every film – I might have to do a top ten doris day to give her position in list justice!!
2. When Harry Met Sally

This is the perfect definition of a love story, seriously. Two best friends falling in love, like legit not stupidly like some films.
It touched me because my boyfriend and i were besties, and we are so alike yet so different and clash but he is my soul mate. I saw this film way before him though but it just makes my heart happy because it feels SO REAL!!!!!!!!! I Love meg ryan she’s another favourite actress.
How can we forget the famous orgasm scene!!!

1 . The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

This wasn’t a difficult spot, honestly i am a massive fan. So much that in highschool i would wear the one ring around my neck, obviously not real. Probably why i got bullied.
The Two towers specifically is because of the battle of Helms Deep, it sends shivers down my spine when i think of it and when i watch it i still feel like it’s the first time i’ve ever watched it. Each film deserves a spot in it’s own right as all three a brilliant, but this one oh my god this one. Nothing will ever replace my love for these films, the books even more.
I want more Middle Earth movies, i really think in time some of Tolkiens work could be turned into movies. His other books does have the stuff before all of this but they aren’t an easy read but i guess sometimes some things are best left untouched.

FUN FACT, when LOTR the fellowship first came out on VHS, i would watch it every night in bed, no seriously. Even if i fell asleep, after a long day of school i would rewind that bad boy and start again. 


I’ve actually enjoyed making this list, and now i have lots of lists buzzing around to make and i probably won’t do them LOLOL but i might write them in my bullet journal, gives me something to do on a rainy day right?
I think if i do a next list, it will be TV shows.

SO thanks for reading if you did, i’d love to hear your top ten films! Let me know if you enjoy any of mine in the list.

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6 thoughts on “Let’s have fun – Top 10 favourite movies”

  1. Fellowship is my favorite of the three. Two Towers was so intense I was on the edge of my seat for most of it. And I cried like a fucking baby in Return of the King when Aragorn and everyone bow down to the hobbits!!! I get teary eyed just thinking of that scene!!!! LOL

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    1. OH fellowship is so heart warming, its a great start to the three films. I tell you what, they don’t make films these days like Two Towers. All the orcs and uruk hai with make up not CGI unlike shitty Game of Thrones when most of it is CGI. Don’t get me started on the Return Of The King omg its so sad 😦 LOL. They need to turn the Similarion into a film, peter jackson would do amazing its all before the Hobbit and LOTR you get to really know about Middle Earth etc.

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