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V stitch crochet blanket & pattern kinda



Happy Saturday folks, whats this you say? ANOTHER crochet post. YUP I am in such a positive mood as well that. I won’t jinx is by saying anything mean to myself, i have all these awesome ideas and plans for the new year and i just feel good. Like NOW is officially that moment to put them into place – That also counts for my writing, now is the time it really really really…………………… REALLY IS.

So this is another order for a customer, and it was inspired by a blanket on my pin board. COLOURS not actual pattern, i went for the v stitch because its quick, pretty and easy. This person didn’t want the blankets too big and i think a v stitch is a great way to control size as you don’t need to think too much about how many times you need to chain multiples of such and such.


How did i do it?
Well i aren’t claiming the v  stitch as mine, but i will talk you through what i used and how i did it. I know many people use the V stitch differently and sometimes i do, you don’t even have to do trebles! (UK TERM for U.S DC)


So i doubled up and used two strands robin DK. So in total i used 800grams as each colour i used 200g as one ball is 100g. BUT due to the size of the blanket, i only actually fully used the navy. You don’t have to do this, use whatever colours weight etc as this will not effect the v stitch or how it looks.

Here are the colours i did use:
Silver (027)
White (040)
Navy (043)
IVE LOST the label for the green colour i THINK its Seagreen (071)

V stitch blanket how to – UK TERMS

1. So you want to chain in 2’s so as long as you end up on an even number, you will be fine 🙂 Don’t ask how many i chained LOL  – Then add two, so example 44 + 2

2.From the 4th chain from the hook, do two Trebles in that stitch – That is your v stitch.

*Treble: Yarn over hook, insert hook, YO pull through. You should have 4 stitches on your hook. YO, Pull through 2, YO pull through 2.

*V stitch is two TREBLES in the same stitch

3. Skip ONE stitch, then do two Trebles in that stitch – Repeat this until the last stitch and do ONE treble at the end.
Turn your work

4.** Ch2 – TWO trebles in between the previous V stitch created. Repeat til the end and do ONE treble in the top of the chain.

This is your v stitch \/   in between you do TR’s so it would be \TRTR/

**REPEAT steps 4, remember to do one TR at the end of the row in the top of the chain 2.


The reason for skipping 3 chains and going into the 4th at the beginning is because, two of those chains are your turning ch or one treble and that extra is your skipped stitch.
So don’t worry if you think it’s wrong.

This is a chainless v stitch – I am aware that most v stitches skip two stitches or you do TR chain 1 TR – Personally you can do that, its upto. I like this finish as it looks more close together and neater.

THIS IS NOT MY STITCH I NEVER CREATED THIS STITCH. This is just a made up way to make a blanket using that stitch.




And that is all my blanket orders finished, just a few things to make for people now and  i can relax and finally make things for my Christmas stall and play with my new yarn.

What’s everyone been whipping up recently? Have an awesome weekend!


3 thoughts on “V stitch crochet blanket & pattern kinda”

  1. I love the look of this stitch and the colors are great! I need to make my jerk brother in law a blanket and I was trying to decide what type of blanket to make. This looks nice and easy with a fantastic finished look. I’m only making him a blanket because my MIL asked me to otherwise I wouldn’t. He’s a jerk and I can totally say that in this comment because he will never read it!! LOL Anyways I’m really excited for your new rush of creative ideas and I know how you feel – my mind has been racing the past few weeks with plans for the new year. It’s hard to be patient!! 😀 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOLOL JERK!!! You are so fucking funny! It is literally so easy to do, i mean personal preference it looks alot neater when you don’t chain in between an just do the TR/DC. If you want something quick do this stitch and use a chunky yarn, it will be worked up in no time! Use all your BLEUGH yarn on his blanket hahahahaahahaha. YESSSS Can’t wait to hear about your plans! Think im gonna do a post about it in December like a list type. I bet your mind has been so busy its on minimum wage.

      Liked by 1 person

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