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Crochet hats, chit chat and a little moan. (No surprise then)



So I’ve been really busy making things for my December stall, my mum is also making things as she is doing it with me – We both have different styles so it will be pretty awesome to have a partner in crochet crime to join me 😀

I just finished this shiplap Cowl  last night, it only took me a day or so. If i crocheted none stop i probably would of had it done in about 4/5 hours but wouldn’t life be great if we could just sit and crochet without dealing with cleaning or house chores LOL.
I changed it up a little, i do need to add a SC crochet border, hers looks very stiff on the edges mine just flops and folds over so i think its because i wasn’t as consistent with the ridge rows but once its worn it looks like the picture. I wanted them every now and again! I have actually made the matching hat to this  which i did post a picture of over on my Facebook page  – I like that even though i follow a pattern, it doesn’t look the same. I always say that patterns are a mere guide and that your mind and creative hands will do the rest.


I got these hats done, the puff stitch one i keep needing to add a bloody pom pom but i keep forgetting lol! So i’ll do that probably over the weekend. I can make a hat in around 2.5 hours if i just keep at it etc.
I also started another unicorn for an order the other day, i have two weeks to finish it so i don’t feel like i am under pressure and going to work on it during the weekend.
Unicorns are my most popular thing and so i have changed my list of things to make for my stall, i have a few other cute items ill be adding which will be done in the next following weeks.



The weather is certainly not fall, its bloody Arctic up my ends! SO i pulled out my slow cooker which i seem to be doing a lot, and decided to making chicken lobby.
Lobby is a traditional meal from my home town Staffordshire, it’s known as the poor mans meal.
It’s very cheap to make and is so delicious with crust bread. It’s usually done with beef or stewing meat but i really had the taste for chicken.
I’ll be writing up this recipe in the week so you can enjoy a meal i am proud of from my home!

Something really pissed off recently, and i don’t know if this is going to become a more regular thing as time goes on.
I won’t go into detail as i am actually going to do a post about it but i was asked if i could make something by a specific pattern. The pattern costs £5.00 and it had all sizes up to an adult, i assume this person wanted it for a child. Anyways, i gave a price of £25 which i explained the cost of yarn and that i’ll need to buy this pattern.
I personally don’t think this is a bad price…..Its handmade. So my response is, ‘ill think about it’ Which is a no.

What my point is, people want things for free. Especially in this craft industry when they know they can go to a store and buy cheaply manufactured made shit. I get that some people don’t have the money, but surely if you know someone makes something by hand you know it isn’t going to be cheap? I know people in this  world exist that do appreciate handmade things – BUT i feel like when it’s people i know that ask me, they expect it for cheap.
I’m not doing, this is my way of making a living and crocheting items isn’t sometimes a days labour. I know people will look elsewhere for someone else to make it cheaper and that’s fine, they clearly don’t mind being out of pocket.

It really knocked me down a little bit, i feel as though i have gone back three steps and that i am a walk over and will do anything for even the smallest bit of cash. It feels degrading.
I’ve learnt a lot this past year, and i won’t be backing down with my prices. It’s not like i am charging £45. I’ve seen what some people charge, and i aren’t that high.


Anyways. d

I am going to sit down with my list of shit to do later make my book for this months first ever book club on my blog! You can join in by reading up about it here 
I bought Decembers book the other day and it’s going to be a lovely Festive read… That’s all i will say!

I hope everyone is okay an busy crafting, i am also going to make some Christmassy things tonight.
Chow for now! xox


4 thoughts on “Crochet hats, chit chat and a little moan. (No surprise then)”

  1. You stick by your guns! Your time and effort are valuable and deserve to be compensated. Those people who will do things for ridiculously cheap (or even free!!!) are letting every single maker down.


  2. The hats are awesome!! I told myself that I wouldn’t make any hats this year but I might need to make one of those puff stitch ones. They’re just so cute!! I love that you and your mom are crochet partners in crime!!! You’re hand crafted things are worth every penny (and more) than what you’re charging. If people don’t like the price they don’t have to buy it. Don’t think for one minute that it’s a reflection of what your work is worth. Stand firm on your prices. Some people are cheap and also some people think that they can get a discount just because they know you. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think if i had never come across the puff stitch hat, i really wouldn’t of bothered with making hats because i hat them but i love them. Also i think hats will sell at my stall for this time of year so had to thing of it as a money perspective LOLOLOL. You are totally right, if people don’t like it then go by china shit. Not that i mind because i know that ALOT of people don’t have much money but some people just want shit for free, an they don’t have to be rude about it either. Its like family though they expect stuff to be made for free????????????????????????///

      Liked by 1 person

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