My year 2017, Bye bye

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I put off writing this post, because i can’t say that 2017 has been 100%  good to me. The low moments over took the good but what kind of new leaf would i be turning if i continued to allow the bad suck me into a black hole.

2017 has been tough, not just mentally but my life as a whole and i haven’t really shared me true struggles and i don’t think i am quite ready to tell the tale of bad luck and poverty. That’s depressing? We need lifting up, especially in these times where the world itself is changing and we can’t always predict what the universe has in store.

What i remember are some amazing moments with new friends, old friends, a trip to Liverpool and endless photos taken of my cat. I mean, what kind of cat mother would i be if i didn’t snap a shot everytime my cat did something cute LOL!

I’ve had more joy being around the blog, and seen a lot of you grow as people, or new ventures arise in your lives. This made me quite envious, envious because i was too weak to grab the things i wanted most. But i also felt happy, that people like you exist.

So here are some things in pictures i achieved or attempted to do in 2017.
I crocheted alot, and some stuff I’ve made hasn’t even been photographed because as you know, (if i told you before) i don’t like crocheting at the moment but i think it will come back to me very soon.

I’ve collected a few pictures of each month of this year – Enjoy!


This of course is all the blogged stuff and things i have created.

Other stuff i have achieved


  •  I quit smoking and i still haven’t touched a cigarette
  • I entered a writing competition, i didn’t won nor get short listed but i pushed myself.
  • Got rid of ALOT of stuff and donated plenty of things like food, clothes and anything that could be of use.
  • Sent a BUNCH of christmas cards and got some back from the most awesome people to be apart of WordPress!
  • Bought a bible, yup idk why i am not religious but i feel like i want to be more churchy and take part in the community more.
  • Stopped myself from doing any harm or giving up on life as my mental health took a toll – I am still here, for some reason and that i will take note of.
  • Cute ties with toxic family and friends. It was needed i am free
  • Tried my hand at selling online, learnt a lot and what to do next.
  • Began the journey of bullet journaling



I mean the list could go on, 2017 doesn’t seem so bad. I started the new year by losing my job but i turned it into a positive and made this blog, this has been a journey of finding out who i am, what i want, what i need to do, what works and what doesn’t. Yup, a whole lot of what’s.
I don’t 100% know the answers but i am confident enough i know some.


So 2017 was meh an odd number. Don’t like those.
Here is to the new year, and i wish you all a happy one! Take care xo


10 thoughts on “My year 2017, Bye bye”

  1. Rebecca, you’re a wonderful person and I think you have achieve so much that you can be proud of last year. I am so glad we have met here and I wish you all the happiness possible and so much success for 2018 because you totally deserve it ❤️

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  2. It really has been quite a year huh? I am so happy that I met you Rebecca – believe it or not you have kept me motivated and inspired me more than just about anyone else I know this past year. You really accomplished so much and you should be very very proud!! This year went by so damn fast now that I’m thinking about it. I hope you have a fantastic New Year’s and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Crazy year! I’m so happy I met you as well, I don’t think I’d of been as arsed about blogging if I hadn’t. You’ve helped me unleash into this blog world lol. I mean if we talk about accomplishments how much shit have you done, you could fill up a suitcase and then some 😂😂😂😂 it seems literally a week ago when you started your mandala and spooky stories blog. Happy new year my friend and here’s to 2018! ❤️💙💚💛🧡💜

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