Goals | 18 for 2018

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I’m jumping on the bandwagon, well technically i wrote my goals out in my bullet journal and now i am sharing them here!
SO i never actually really understood this, i kept seeing it last year and 17 goals for 2017 and i’ve seen it cropping up more since the new year. Seeing as 2018 is going to be focusing on setting goals, achieving them and pushing myself to make shit happen i thought ah why not.
The point is, and do correct me – You set 18 goals for the year. It goes up a number by each year, so in 2019 it will be 19. Anyways, don’t feel the need to set crazy goals! A goal doesn’t have to be a big dream, it can be as little as de-cluttering or finding a new way to stay organised.
I brainstormed mine on a page in my Bullet journal, and i am going to write up a system on how to keep track.


Here it is, my 18 for this year – If you have your list, feel free to share in the comments below πŸ™‚

#1 – Make videos:Β Last year i wanted to start a Youutbe channel, and made video content. I did record some videos and i wanted to blog them first, but looking back and watching them, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind and you could smell the fear. I feel ready to it this time.

#2 – Drop two dress sizes: I’ve gained weight, piled on the pounds even more since quitting smoking. No excuses, eat healthy and exercise 5 times a week for one hour.

#3 – Find a new job: Last January i lost my job, and i had a little supermarket job which i HATED AND QUIT. Judge me all you want, i’ve done a lot of different jobs. I need something challenging and that offers me a future.

#4 – Take more pictures: I bought a new camera, and i have yet to really do anything awesome with it.Β  So once a week (like i did previously plan) go out and take pictures. I need to use it more for my craft, blog etc. But it really is just easier sometimes to whip out the phone.

#5 – Complete all unfinished crochet projects of 2017. Already on it sir!

#6 – Get better at calligraphy: My mum bought me some decent watercolour brush pens for Christmas. I need extra practice with those as i didn’t realise that so many techniques existed, as well as different pens do different things.

#7 – Write my novel: Or atleast some of it. I need to be 100% inspired to take my writing to that level. Short stories are easy enough for me, when i think of trying to making them into something longer the feeling doesn’t stick. So let’s say have a plan of some kind.

#8 – Save money for decent watercolour paint set: I have the brush pens but i would also like to get better at painting and i have some cheap ones which are perfect for my level but eventually id like to be the watercolour version of Bob Ross.

#9 – Visit Europe: I want to go see Rome, maybe Paris. Somewhere but here, with history and good food.

#10 – Enter 4 writing competitions: I entered two last year. One being the most prestigious and quite costly to enter. I have found 4 ready to enter, some with deadlines within the next month or so #oops

#11 –Β  Finish a jigsaw puzzle: I bought some puzzles for my mum at Christmas and had to get myself one, it’s of the Titanic. Id like to finish it and frame it.

#12Β  – Learn how to paint with water colour: This kind of ties in with my saving up and stuff.

#13 – Attend church atleast twice a month: I don’t know why, but i bought a Bible. I’m not religious and the last person going to heaven. But i feel like i need some positive people, energy and just good vibes around me. Whether it be just making friends at church coffee mornings, i just find it peaceful. Something is pushing me towards faith, so who knows.

#14 – DE-CLUTTER THE FLAT: I have shit everywhere, i hoard. I even have a old bed that needs shifting, its hard when i live in such a big tower of flats but it has to be done.

#15 – Get help for my mental health: We all know the story, i’m sorting it.

#16 – Bake every week out of cookbook: So my christmas present off Josh was a massive Mary Berry cook book, i aim to make atleast one thing each week out of it.

#17 – Read 4 books monthly: I suck when i wanted to review books and do a book club but i hope you can understand my brain isn’t always happy. I don’t know if this goal is achievable this month, as my current read is MASSIVE.Β  Read more, write more.

#18 – Look at college courses & apply: Nothing too major, i am not looking to apply for NASA but i would like to take a course in something creative, or language class. Not sure yet this is a goal but i actually might change it…

So that’s it folks, my goals. Don’t feel bad if you don’t achieve them or even from last year. The trick is to not set goals that will stress you out or put on lots of pressure.
My goal to write a novel might not happen this year, but i will create little mini goals in order to reach closer to that ultimate one.
Ideally, set little goals if you want to boost your motivation.
– Once of my first videos is going to be about my bullet journal and my goal setting. I will go into detail with why, who what blah blah. So don’t fret little ones.


Have a good one! Let me know your goals in the comments πŸ™‚



25 thoughts on “Goals | 18 for 2018”

  1. Your goals are all reasonable and attainable. Kudos to you for being realistic. That already sets you up to succeed.

    And cooking from a Mary Berry cookbook sounds like so much fun! Her food always looks so good.

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  2. This is a very exciting list of goals! I’m so looking forward to your videos! Definitely let us know when you release your first one, I’ll subscribe to your channel for sure! ❀️

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    1. Non stressful goals are the best! I don’t think you’ll be breaking any rules if you didn’t have 18, i guess it just sounds better when you say it lol. Deffo try it though, even if it’s just simple goals πŸ˜€


  3. I’d love to water color, I think that’d be so much fun. Oh and baking from a cookbook, I may have to add this to my goal for next month. Good luck achieving these, you’ll do just fine!

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    1. Yes! It looks more relaxing than using acrylic etc i think its more flowy, i only really want to know the basics. Flowers, splashes and doodles. Deffo add the cooking as goal πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Hope you succeed with your goals πŸ™‚


  4. I love this Rebecca!!! I have a lot of the same goals as you do for 2018 – of course!! If you ever need anyone to bounce things off of or just to vent or chat – I’m here for you!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  5. At first I felt like 18 goals was a bit much to deal with, but if you look at them as just good things to aim for, rather than set destinations at which you must arrive or you’re a failure, then it’s much less stressful.
    Even if I don’t meet a single one of my 18, I will have worked towards them and put some effort into directing my life πŸ™‚
    Good luck with the writing competitions! Now I kind of wish I’d added them into my goals as well :p

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    1. If I fail I don’t mind. This year Is a new outlook and we can’t always succeed everytime. But your totally right! I love your goals I deffo love the writing a letter idea. Good luck as well. You can add as many goals πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I bet our list will be massive by February lol!


  6. I hope that having a list of goals helps you to keep motivated. On the subject of your mary Berry cookbook, have you seen the film ‘Julie and julia’? It’s worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.
    If you want to study a language without applying for a course I can recommend fantastique if you fancied french? They tailor the lessons to your level and send 5 lessons a week on the days you choose.
    I really hope you can make contact with people who can help with your mental health. I’ve been fortunate to a counsellor who is really helping me, so my main this year is to try to get off my medication successfully.
    Finally, I’m intrigued by your aim to attend church twice a month, and really hope that you can connect with the faith and find the things you are looking for.
    Hope 2018 is a great year for you xx

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    1. So sorry that i didn’t reply, i don’t know how i missed this comment! I haven’t seen that film, just googled and it has Meryl Streep so will deffo give it a watch.
      Oh wow thanks, i would actually love to learn French as i didn’t do so well in school with it, so thanks for the recommendation πŸ˜€
      That’s so good that you have a counsellor, does it feel better to have one? I hope that you manage to come off your meds this year, that will be such an amazing achievement as they can be quite a necessity when you don’t want them. My mum spent many years in bed, but they were really strong meds.
      I am plucking the courage to go to service next Sunday, and then maybe a coffee morning. I think once i’ve done it i won’t feel scared, i have a Bible now but don’t know where to starter LOL! I hope 2018 serves you well xoxo


      1. The film is soo good! I love it.
        If you fancy giving fantastique a go then they give you a few lessons free before you have to sign up. If you use this link then it means that if you did decide to sign up they’d give me a free month for recommending it https://www.frantastique.com/r/referral/YZNWNJS let me know how you get on!
        I’m very pleased to have found my counsellor, but it can be hit and miss as to whether you find one you click with… I’ve had a couple in the past that were more of a hindrance than a help and I stopped seeing them quite quickly. This one has been amazing though. I know sometimes people just have to stick with the meds, and that’s fine, I’ve just constantly had this idea that I don’t really want to take them, and I’m definitely feeling stronger now so I’d like to at least try. If it doesn’t work then I might just have to accept that I need them. I’m sorry to hear that about your mum. It’s hard when things that are meant to help you actually cause you difficulties in other ways.
        Coffee mornings are good, and i hope you do pluck up the courage to go along to church next week, and i hope that they are friendly and welcoming towards you. If not… Try a different one!
        Maybe you could start reading the book of Matthew, Mark or luke? These are the first books of the new testament and would tell you all about jesus’ life. They will be full of stories and accounts, which will hopefully be interesting to read. John is the other one of what are called the four gospels, but can be a bit more confusing and tricky to understand in places so I’d wait a bit before reading that one. The other book that could be quite cool to read alongside one of those is psalms, which is in the old testament (the books written before jesus was born) and has mainly short poetic songs written to God. They’re cool as they express all sorts of different emotions and show that we can talk to God about anything that we are feeling. It could be cool to read one or two of these and then a chapter or so of Matthew, Mark or luke , each time you wanted to read the bible.
        Here’s hoping 2018 is a great year for both of us.


      2. Thanks! I just signed up to it, looking forward to giving it ago. I can’t believe i forgot about online classes etc least i won’t have to pay crazy amounts now for a college course lol! I can imagine that it might of taken a few to get a good one, it’s great that you have found one you click with. If you don’t want to rush off the meds, do you do yoga? I know i might have to go on meds for my anxiety but i am thinking of maybe a healthier lifestyle might help. Oranges are supposed to be really good, and yoga etc. Maybe it’s all lies on the internet, but if you can find ways to help along the way then it might give you that boost in your mind that you can do it. Even if you don’t this year, you have next year. The fact that you’ve got helping and trying to beat it is a start. I hope they are nice at this church as well, the pastor is that what you call them? Seems friendly when i emailed about going. They are literally 1 minute walk if less from my flat block and are always open for water if our waterworks need repairing lol i will get some sticky tabs and make little book marks with all the chapters you have suggested to read. I did think of Psalms as one, i remember reading them as a kid. I’m hoping 2018 will be the best of years for us ❀


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