Hey folks, I’ve written a lil ole story that’s part of a fiction/ photo prompt over at Story Empire and you can check out the full post if you also wish to take part in some writing, clicky here >>> https://storyempire.com/2018/01/05/friday-fiction-prompt/

Can i just thank https://coldhandboyack.wordpress.com/ for pointing me in the right direction and highly suggest you follow both blogs. NOPE NOBODY PAID ME TO SAY THAT LOL!!!!

Here is the picture we were given and just below is my story, thanks for reading!


As Emily walked along the edge of the train tracks, hoping her father would soon catch up. She realised how much she had grown up. The little girl that once was, enjoyed the Autumn walks with her father and picking up any fallen leaves that turned brown along the way.
Most of the time she would be told to throw them on the floor as dirt, or something worse was never a good thing to have on your hands before dinner time – It was peaceful, even with her child like giggle and excitement to see the beautiful change of colour, her father daughter time felt magical.

Even now as a teenager, the walk was something she would do regularly but mostly alone. Emily created a world for herself when she walked this way, with music playing from her headphones and sucking in the cooler air. Her life made sense, the peace allowed some escape from the world that existed today. All of Emily’s fears and teenage heartache disappeared into the sky and birds fluttering reincarnated into happier thoughts. The train tracks was a safe place, a place nobody knew she walked except her father.
Though just lately, Emily didn’t quite understand why he accompanied her after school or even her regular ‘get out of the house for a bit’ walk. Was the trust invisible? Did he really think she was a typical teen? One that spent time with the wrong kind and got upto no good.
To save her some embarrassment, he walked behind her but she could still talk to him. Emily would often make jokes about his grey hair and it usually followed with him calling out, saying he couldn’t hear. “Doesn’t matter, i was just singing to this song.” She would say, giggling.
She of course deep down did appreciate him being around more, but he had to let go and give her some space. Emily wasn’t a young minded teen, she was mature and really wanted to fly. He needed to live his life, meet someone new and forget the bad omen her mother left when she decided to up and leave. Emily wanted her father to be free as well, but she knew he no longer felt the pain anymore.

They are almost approaching home, Emily would cut down the left of the track and down a grassy hill. A small cul-de-sac of houses were below, far away from the town centre which was something she aso appreciated.

“Before we go, do you think you could not always follow me around as much?” Said Emily

“I want to make sure your safe at all times, bad people live in this world. Look what happened to me.”

“I know, i wish it never happened. I wish i could take that back and never make you suffer, i want things to be normal again but i so want to sometimes have my own time. Just me and my thoughts. Please father, this doesn’t mean i love you no less.” Said Emily almost in tears

“If i leave you, if you give me my freedom. You know that i cannot come back just as easy as i have. It might be a while until i get to talk to you again…. But i will always hear you, and see you. You just wont see me.”

Emily stared ahead at the track, a train was coming. Something she had always missed when walking, it would be nice to see it up close and really catch how fast they go.
But she had to make a decision.

“I will talk to you everday, i won’t let you not hear me. I promise, and i will bring you here atleast once a week. I love you father, i am so sorry for upsetting you.” Emily walked towards her father but she could not get to the other side quick enough as the train was approaching fast.
All she could hear was her father shouting back and the vibration of the floor as the train travelled.

“I love you Emily, i love you forever do not forget me. If you need me, i am here. ”

Once the train had passed, Emily hoped to say goodbye properly without disruption.
“I love you, i am sorry.” She said whispering as tears rolled down her cheeks. He was gone, as was the train.

Just like that, she had set him free. Emily will never forget her father, how much he protected and loved her and will cherish every step she takes on these tracks.

Thanks for reading, i hope everyone has a great weekend, don’t forget to check out the post https://storyempire.com/2018/01/05/friday-fiction-prompt/ and make sure to read everyone’s who’s taking part, or actually take part yourself.

BYE! xox


17 thoughts on “Father”

  1. Awesome job with that prompt! The relationship between father and daughter is a special one and there is something inherently beautiful and equally tragic in trains of old. Thanks for participating in our Story Empire Friday Fiction Prompt, Rebecca. I hope you do many more. This was a gem.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We’re so happy to have you, Rebecca. I’m sorry you didn’t have that relationship with you father, but I sounds like your grandfather stepped in and filled the void. I also hopped over to your “About” page and wanted to leave you a comment but couldn’t find a link. I’m a thriller/mystery writer (love reading them too!) and am obsessed with cats. I have Raven, a black female, rescue kitty. You guy is gorgeous 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you 🙂 And yes he did, he was my best friend 😀 I really do need to sort my blog out, i switched to a domain this week and i keep playing with the themes and everything. Eclipse Lake looks really interesting, i going to get it and add to my shelf of must reads lol. I also love writing thrillers, i struggle though because i feel like i write too much and it seems boring! Black cats are beautiful, all the mystery. I saw a picture on one of your posts of your cat, too cute 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I was like that with my dad, though I lost him to cancer when I was only 13. He’s the one who gave me my love of words and writing.

        Thank you for adding Eclipse Lake to your read list, I’m honored 🙂

        And yes, my rescue kitty Raven is a black cat, but I’m a sap for any feline. Just love them. It’s wonderful to connect with you!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh my, i am so sorry. Cancer is cruel! It’s beautiful to know that he gave you something magical to help you fly 🙂

        Totally agree with you, everytime i see a cat in the street i want to spend all my time with it and then when it mews convince myself i am a cat whisperer haha! I’m happy to connect as well, it’s refreshing 😀 Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend xo

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  2. Wow Rebecca!! I love how deeply you interpreted this picture. When I first saw the photo I felt a little bit of melancholy and your story really framed the initial emotion I felt perfectly. This seems like a great way to really get your creative writing juices flowing!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL it was nice to see your sweet emotional side. I was half expecting someone to jump out from the bushes with a butcher knife or something. I enjoyed reading this touching style from you. 🙂


  3. That’s a very nice story, Rebecca. I’m so glad you chose to participate. I confess that I love trains and railroad tracks, which is one reason I chose this photo prompt. And I have a fond memory of my father, railroad tracks, and a train. Your story brought it to mind.

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