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To invent your own life's meaning is not easy, but it's still allowed, and I think you'll be happier for the trouble.

Hello folks! I’ve been pretty regular with posting, it feels good to be back on track with blogging again. I wanted to use this week to really have a think about where i want to take my blog, and the things i’d like to change.
We all know i did start off just posting about crochet, that was my intention but i made friends and found that i could be myself. So slowly, i added my other interests in with it.

Now, i know some of you are crafter’s and i don’t expect you to be interested in some of the stuff i might post in the near future and that goes with anyone that follows my blog. Stick around, because i enjoy the friendships and the awesome people that i have been so fortunate to *virtually* meet.
That being said, i am who i am and i love SO many things in life, and lots of stuff i enjoy doing. I have already set up my blog menu with things i will be adding in the future months, and don’t get scared because some of it i won’t be posting about all the time. It’s just visible categorically so if anyone ever wants to know why i have 500000 babies and cats in my sims game, they can read it.

Without babbling on for much longer, here are some of the things i will be adding and current stuff to change/ schedule

-Writing: I want to write and post on here without limit, if i itch and need to write and share something i will do it. May it be a few times a week or whenever. It’s my absolute passion and i cannot explain to you how driven i am to write a novel. So lots of writing!

-Crochet: DUH! I have my crojo back, and i will crochet and post when i can. Hopefully the projects don’t take a year like that blanket i posted, which i finished by the way. I will try and do one secure post a week – WIP Wednesday.
-Cooking/baking: I did take part in the bake off, i will casually take part in this but i will also post every now and again about any new bakes or things i have made. Partly because i have a lil task of me cooking out of my new cook book LOL. Maybe weekly or fortnightly.



-Books i am reading: I liked writing book reviews, but i hated giving myself a schedule on when to finish a book. The book i am currently reading is quite big so unsure when i will post. Plus found new authors on here to read! So i will say once/twice monthly i will talk about books and my current reads.

-Beauty: I put this here because i love make up and beauty and REALLY did want to start regular posts, but i get too distracted! As much as i love this side of me, i have waaaay too many priorities. So once a month i will post a lil post about any beauty products that i’ve used and are empty and give mini reviews. I mean, whether that will stick who knows.

-Diary posts and ramblings: So i love a good blog about my life and catch up/ chit chat. I love sharing things with you like my Liverpool trip. I have added to my list a lil photo thing i am taking part in. It’s 52 weeks of photos and when i can i will join in and post to the diary. Basically this is the category of RANDOM!!! This will include bullet journaling and other crafts.

-Sims 4: I love this game so much, its my life. I also love my PS4 but i always have time for sims. This section will kind of just be a place to give my sims stories and more life! It will have links to my Tumblr, and eventually Youtube because YES i am doing videos.

And that’s basically it! Gotta wrap it up because i am about to get into the bed and watch The Office.
To be honest, i don’t really know why i felt the need to explain this to you but i think its just incase someone sees THE SIMS 4 FAMILY FIRE and you think what in the lords name!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend xox




10 thoughts on “Blog update | Changes”

  1. I love it!! Can’t wait to see everything you get up to. I still need to go read your pizza crust post!! I am really looking forward to your Mary Berry recipe posts!!!! ❀ ❀ ❀

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