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The Chapman Family introduction | Sims 4

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About the family

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Aurora moved to Newcrest seeking a life of success. She worked her way up in the public relations career whilst living in a cosy small home perfect for one.
With just the company of her dog, she thrived and succeed without pressure, whilst saving every inch of her moving by remaining in the small home. She was able to eventually in the future buy her own.
She loved to change her hair, which reflected on her personality and the older she got she seemed to find a style which fit her life situation. 

Aurora never thought she would get married and start a family of her own, until she met Zack Chapman who practically came from thin air (no honestly, create a sim made this hot guy)
Whilst he was a more relaxed and fun loving, she fell in love. They both did, it bloomed into something very quickly. He wanted a family and the big dream house, where as Aurora wanted to be at the top of her career and still not if she ever really did want kids. A dog was enough!

Zack, was too charming and they really did love each other! Marriage happened without Aurora hesitating and they both immediately moved into a bigger home. A home which someday, would home 3 children. With her HUGE bank balance, she hired designers to really make it a place she could live until retirement. Enough room for her dog, because even though kids were on the cards near the future, she wasn’t ready for them just yet. Or was she?

Still with plenty of money, she tried to find ways to invest the money… Until babies happened.
Aurora fell pregnant, but it was planned. She was expecting a baby, at least they thought it would be one! Christmas was around the corner, and on Christmas day two baby twin boys were born. They would named Isaac and Lucas.

Aurora struggled with having two twins, and Zack was always very reassuring. By this point in her career, she was able to take off some extra time but she still strived to work, this time so she could leave her children something. Zack worked hard for a while, but realised coming home stressed from work wasn’t going to help the family whilst the children were growing up.
He settled in at his job and did his shift 5 days a week without promotion, he felt that he let himself down but these are the sacrifices he must make if he wanted to be a great father.
Aurora however seemed to juggle being a wife, having a job and being a mother. She also found time to run the treadmill and get her body back in shape.
By this point, Zack and Aurora really did become adults. And eventually her two boys would grow up to be teenagers that any parent would be proud of.
By the older the boys got, the different the two of them were.


Luke was all about gaming and the nerd life, Isaac was relaxed and wanted to enjoy the world around him. Isaac wan’t the finer things in life and to be happy, which is why his relationship with his mother was stronger. Luke, took the role of being a mixture of both parents but he always felt different.. Different when it came to girls, highschool an friends. His awkwardness would make him frustrated but he would lock himself away playing video games until he was happy.
Family life was amazing, the boys were doing great in school, Aurora and Zack had already put away 15,000 simoelons for each of the boys. Money was rolling in and the marriage was perfect.
The family dog grew older, and sadly passed away. But another set of news was about to shock them all…….


Aurora was pregnant. How? How could it be? They were so sure, so safe. What if she has twins again, was she really ready for another child. Were any of them wanting a baby in the house!
Zack took the news very well, he was over the moon, the boys however weren’t. They knew if it was a girl, that everything would change.

Aurora, did give birth to a baby girl named Isabella – Isabella was special, she was a genius. Even as a child, her intelligent mind set her aside from her brothers. Who were two remarkable young men, but Isabella wanted to aim high in the world.


Isabella grew up to be a remarkable teenager! Her brothers by now were young adults and ready to flee the nest, both with jobs lined up. They moved out and got a place together. Isabella would be the online child to get a part time job, which she quit after two shifts. Her mind was too genius for retail work, she wanted to brush up on her research and knowledge as her dream was to become an astronaut.

Aurora and Zack grew older, and tired. They knew that someday all that they had created would support the kids for life. But, they were about to make a decision that would change the family forever!
Aurora and Zack decided that once Isabella became an adult, they would both retire and move to a small home fit for two in a quiet neighborhood. Whilst the two sons got the 15,000 already when they moved out. It was only fair Isabella got the same, but they also wanted to give her more…

Isabella become a young adult, graduating top of her class in highschool and mastering the game of chess (like her mother) – Aurora and Zack found a home and moved out, as soon as the sale of the house cleared they would give every bit of it to Aurora, leaving them with enough to furniture a new home.
They were quite happy to life off the retirement package, they wanted a simple life. All three kids were successful, they didn’t need to worry.

Isaac and Luke were furious at this decision and demanded some of the money, but it was too late. Isabella at bought her first home, and was able to furnish it the way she wanted! She inherited 68,000 simoleons. Her home cost 22,000 and she was able to furnish and leave herself with plenty!
But what was the real reason she inherited all that money?


Aurora and Zack believed she would be the first to start a family, but they also knew she would be the most successful.
Isabella was sometimes pushed back from the limelight because of her brothers being dominant, but this made her want to succeed even more. Aurora knew that this would give her that push in life. If anyone knew what it was like to be a woman trying to be the best, it was Aurora.

Isabella, reassured her brothers that if they ever needed help she would always write them a cheque. Did they really think she would be so selfish? But, Isabella had already saved some of it away – Just incase she did go onto to have kids…….Which she did.


Before i go ahead with the family intro, i am doing this as brief as i can. Because i will have separate stories and constant ones following all of the childrens lives. So i don’t want to spoil too much…



Isabella, met the man of her dreams. Shane, and honestly. They fell in love as quickly as her parents did! She tried to fight off her feelings, because she so badly wanted that career. She was working hard, and lost a lot of weight because of it.
The job took a toll on her body, because she needed to be fit and healthy if she wanted to become an astronaut. But Shane, shane and his top knot came along and she fell in love. Shane was a painter who was living down the road from Isabella, in fact. Even her brothers lived in the same street.
Weeks went by, and they were living together. She was an adult, and just like her mother she changed her hair.
But the unexpected happened and Shane proposed, without hesitation she said yes!
Over the next few months, they both worked hard and Isabella finally got offered that promotion of becoming an Astronaut – But she wasn’t feeling too well?
Not well at all… Infact her constant throwing up was worrying her, she felt so ill and drained.

Of course, then something happened. Something sad.. And Her parents died.

Aurora and Zack Chapman, died peacefully of old age.

Mr and mrs chapman


As the family were struck with grief, Isabella needed to find out what was wrong with her. What if it was something bad?
Shane was at work, and had his phone ready to hear if she was okay. He was making great money working as a painter, his future looked promising.
Then he got the text.

“I’m pregnant”

He was so happy, he loved Isabella more than anything in the world, his sister however was not so happy.
Her brother who was also her bestfriend had moved out and left her. Even though they were only next door, she hated his happiness. Shane really hoped that she would be happy for him.

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Isabella was sad, sad that her parents would never meet the first grandchild of the chapman family.
Sad that they would never be at her wedding.

The usual amount of months went by, and sooner or later two became three.
Isabella gave birth to a healthy baby boy Bryson.


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And with that, this is the brief introduction of the Chapman family.
Make sure you delve into each ones lives for more stories, drama, love and turmoil.

Need to follow the lives of Isabella, Isaac and Luke?
Check out there individual stories and follow them on the journey of life.
How many kids will they end up with? Will the twins ever get married?

Isaac (coming soon)
Luke (coming soon)
Isabella (coming soon)
Shane & His sisters intro (coming soon)









5 thoughts on “The Chapman Family introduction | Sims 4”

  1. OMG I love love love your back stories!!! The Sim 3 family I just made suffered an unexpected tragedy last night – the mom that had only been an elder for 3 sim days died!!!! The dad who was an elder gentleman to begin with died sim weeks ago but I didn’t expect the mother to die so soon!! She left behind her two teenage daughters and her young son. So now Colleen the oldest of the siblings will need to care for her little sister and brother!
    The sims is the best best best game ever! It’s like playing with a virtual doll house!! 😀

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    1. Omg!!!!!! Well let’s hope noone dies in a house fire 😂😂😂😂 mine are dumb assess keeling burning shit. You soooooo need to start a sims story and create some Drama as well 😂. It’s amazing how you can just play it and then the whole day has gone LOL post your family whenever you get chance 😍😍😍

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