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Give me back

Hey readers of the world! Happy Tuesday.
Okay, so the picture ‘Give me back my flowers’ EEEEEEEEEK. It’s my novel title. No seriously, well it could be a novel – If not i think i will get it to atleast a short story/novella.
That is all i can tell you at this point, but let the words take you to a place and i would LOVE to hear your thoughts on what kind of story/plot it will be?

Also, quickly! January is my Bloggaaaaversaaareeeeee, see what i did? lol I think around the 23rd of this month i allowed the world to see my first post and i am still here. I can’t believe i have lasted a year, where does the time go? So it will be really fun as i will be heading back to the beginning and reading my first post, which will be mega cringey. WHICH also had no likes and no views – That’s all i will say.
Ok, i lost the plot, i will be doing a little give away, nothing special just more of a thanks really and it will be international BECAUSE, did you know the top country that views my blog is America? Then Aus, then Canada THEN THE UK. Seriously, i think was meant to be American.

Let’s forget all that popcorn for now and i am introducing Talk Tuesday, so i have a blog schedule and to be honest i want to blog MOST days at the moment so the days i want to blog that aren’t ‘scheduled’ will be my chit chat diary posts. Wanted to film but i am still waiting for this bloody extra piece i needed to get my mic to work, so Tuesday as in today will be mega busy as i hope to film two videos and get them up by Thursday/Friday and blog for WIP Wednesday.

Topic today is…. Drum role please…..

Blogging with ads and earning from well ads and shit.

I just recently upgraded my blog to the personal account, and then i mapped my domain from my website. I noticed i am still quite limited to the stuff i can do with my blog and, i know many successful  blogs don’t rely on having an official domain, but i like the look it gives off. Anyways, the next one is personal, now if i do decide to upgrade again i actually get discount. But i noticed a thing called ‘monetize’ your blog.

What exactly is that, and what can it do? I know WordPress probably has a bunch of posts and forums etc with answers but i want to hear from you guys that do use this, or use the features that make you a little bit of money from your blog.
It’s not a decision i want to jump into as i am still a small fish. However, i have noticed a massive jump in my views since the new year, and my 18 goals for 2018 is one of my most popular posts, followed by blog changes, Mary berry and c2c which are all getting strange views everyday.

So what can this do for me? I already signed up with the Amazon affiliate programme, which means if i link a product i will get a commission but it costs NO extra. I will only ever do this if i am talking about something specific and i am passionate about, like the Mary Berry cookbook i linked. And i will always say its an affiliate link. So if i link something and it doesn’t say i get commission, i am just linking it because why not!
I do not intend on using it all the time, and probably be a couple of times a month.

Anyway, i will give it a good thought i think maybe when i hit 500 followers in the next twenty thousand years, i will do it. But then, i am like why not though? More themes LOL
I will drop the convo here, and one shall get on with my day. You know i did a 31 days of January in my bullet journal (Explaining it in a video) And laundry is haunting me. Everyday i will give myself the task of sorting out piles or clean laundry, dirty laundry and shit that needs to be thrown out.
I have boxes and cardboard stacked by my front door because of Christmas and i did a big declutter, and then i kept ordering presents they came in boxes, then when i order from Amazon THEY PUT THE SMALLEST THING IN SUCH A BIG BOX.
I mean, i wanted to sort out the spare bedroom but the stuff by the front door is not allowing me to get into that room. To be fair, during Christmas our trash schute got blocked so i guess nobody emptied it before the holidays as all the local big bins by the flat blocks were also over flowing.
So couldn’t get rid, i have no excuse now. Plus i can’t really cram ALL of the cardboard, the little ares fine down the schute. I will need to flatten everything and get in the lift, head behind back and dump it all in the larger bins. Simple task right? But i am lazy AF!

Here is to hopefully having all the rubbish moved by the end of the week and the laundry.
Happy Tuesday folks xo




6 thoughts on “Talk it Tuesday | Blog advice”

  1. ‘”Give me back my flowers” the extraordinary story of a male baker who received an anonymous bunch of flowers for his birthday, before they were stolen by a squirrel wearing a speedo. ‘
    I think I went far with that one, it’s late don’t judge πŸ˜‚Definitely intrigued by this monetise your blog thing, I’ll be following closely, it sounds fun from what Tami is saying πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have the premium package you’re talking about through WP and as you know I allow ads to run on my site. It doesn’t generate very much money, almost none at all. But having said that – I try to think in the very long term view. Maybe I don’t get much back from it now, but I might someday. Also with the premium plan you can sell right from your site. So if you ever write up a pattern or want to sell short story collections or your novel some day you can do it right from here. I love your enthusiasm and attitude for the New Year. I need to follow your lead. I’m feeling so lazy lately!! LOL

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    1. Ah yeah i remember you telling me! Does it go by blog views then? But then again like you say in the long term point of view of it all, fuck it i think i will just go for it. It lasts a year and can always just downgrade in the future. The sell button is handy and wordpress is one of the most popular???? You can sell your awesome ponchos πŸ˜‰
      Well i am still lazy AF but trying to keep going, the bullet journal helps and i’ve been blogging more. Just haven’t tackled that laundry task! Don’t rush out of your lazy mode, when you feel motivated then that’s when you crack on πŸ˜€ no pressure!

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      1. It goes by views which are noted as “attempted ad impressions” whatever that means. Even though I haven’t made much money on it, it is still fun to check on it every month. πŸ˜€
        Always think in long term view!! Thinking like that keeps me from getting discouraged and helps to keep me motivated – even when I’m going through a lazy stage. πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

      2. OOOO, i see. Well you can keep track of what months do better etc as well! So it’s good for that and like you say fun. I love seeing what countries have viewed my blog, its always america at the top πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
        Make a bunch of lists and goals that are long term, like how you wanted to play with the idea of selling. I need more tami on my reader feed! I always miss your mandala posts!

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