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Writing excerpt #2 (not edited, possible mistakes)| Give me back my flowers


_Go on and eatthat cheese cracker_

It was officially March, spring began to peak through and the world started to work properly again. Erin hated the few months of a new year, because everyone was resolution mad. Her social media feed would be flooded with gym statuses and photo’s of food prep or healthy eating. “Eat clean, get lean” – She would make vomiting noises every time some cheesy positive momentum would pop up. Mainly from those who are always trying to get healthy and go back to being greedy by summer. Not forgetting the rush dieters, the ones that moan about not looking sexy enough in a bikini and need to cram in two weeks of intense exercise and vomiting after meals. ‘It’s okay, your only going Spain love. It’s not an exclusive trip to the Virgin Islands, go on and eat that cheese cracker’- Erin smirked.

Spring was Erin’s favourite time of the year for a few reasons, one being she would be able to watch her front garden bloom with pretty flowers. Another reason, lot’s of articles to write for the wedding magazine she worked for. Not jut the writing, the chance to travel to different wedding venues and even more time working at home. Interns and apprenticeships will start, and build up for summer so less room at the office. Of course, it was her brilliant idea in the first place. Allow some of the staff to have flexibility – It seemed silly to sit in the office for eight hours when you’d only need to do a few hours work editing. She will always be known as the girl who let people have more chill time than work time. It went down a treat with some of the parents who struggled with full time work due to kids, which Erin however would always ask why have them?
I suppose she will never quite understand that feeling, she’s thirty four years old and divorced. No children, not even a pet. All of her life she never felt this need to have kids, she did want a loving husband to last at least until she was 60 – He couldn’t resist sticking it elsewhere. ‘Bloody men’ she muttered, not caring if her neighbour who was sitting in his garden heard a word of it.
Erin coped well with the divorce though, she finally saw him for the pig he was. After all these years since highschool, she was finally rid of Pin dick Pete. His name wasn’t really wasn’t Pete, it Wayne but when they moved onto college they students said it fit better. In fact, they said “It fit’s better than his cock” – Oh how funny those days were, now it’s work until your dead.
Each day passed more quickly, the months pass then its Christmas again and everyone is back to making those bloody resolutions. Erin sighs and decides to sit down and stop planting her azalea flowers, her front garden was nothing special. A back one didn’t exist, it was a small grass area and path leading to fence and back way, which then led onto a street with all the other houses. Erin lived in an newly built neighbourhood and thanks to years of saving she was able to buy a home, no mortgage no rent – An actual home. But because she lived in a ‘modern’ semi-detached, her front garden was not separate. I guess this was due to the design, no line or space distinguished who’s half of the front garden was who’s. Both front doors were aligned so close together, that more often than not she bumped elbows with her neighbour – Thomas. He was an ok guy, she believed he was the same age but acted nothing like it. Round about this time of the year and summer, he would bring out his chairs and just sit drinking, sometimes with the radio on too loud. Even hosts mini front garden parties for the whole street to take part in, though this was just an excuse to get the neighbours involved without pissing them off.
His tall cliche dark hair, quirky modern style always caught the eyes of some of the teenage girls living opposite, you can hardly fault them for swooning. He’s gorgeous, but just a complete arse who knew damn well how good looking he was.
Erin laughed, quite loudly about a story Thomas once shared. Apparently, he made such an impact on the female staff at Costa, they insisted on him having a free coffee but had a paper with a list full of names and numbers. Even one that said ‘Find me on Facebook, drop me a message’ – If only Erin had that much luck with men. Maybe she should try women, she often thought about it. How many of the girls she knew at school that were solely into men or were once in a long term relationship with them came out as gay. Would she ever say no If a woman kissed her and they had a night of passion.  Erin was about to laugh again, but Thomas walked on over with his smooth walk, smiley face and logo t-shirt.
He really is a man stuck in a students body.




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