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WIP Thursday 18.01.18

I craft insteadof doing myhousework

Well this week has been a bit off schedule, i wanted to film my kindle cover book but i have got a swollen gum (wisdom tooth trying to make an appearance) so it’s been a bit painful and we all know how toothache just drains you! So off to the dentist tomorrow.

My WIP Wednesday post is late because i just couldn’t be bothered, i have been pattern testing for Emma @ Emmacraftsdesign



So i finished up her Sandy the sea dragon yesterday and i am really impressed with the way it turned out. Emma wrote the pattern out extremely well and had enough pictures to show what she was doing. I haven’t made any amigurumi for a while so i thought i was going to be a bit rusty. The only thing that annoyed me was my white cotton, it was awful to work with and very splitty, so noted that is not a brand i will be using again! Which is a shame as the rico essentials cotton (not baby) was one of my favourites and i always recommend that cotton to people!
The other cottons i used was rico baby so its so different and lovely to use. But in terms of winning brands for cotton, Yarn & colours is just brilliant.
Thank you again Emma for letting me test Sandy, you’re amazing! I’ll link her blog and insta at the end of this post.

So far as crocheting is concerned i haven’t done much or made much progress since i posted my picture on Instagram 


The stitch i am using is a Herringbone HDC (U.S terminology) I will be doing a tutorial on this stitch before filming the Kindle sleeve i made. Hopefully tomorrow i feel okay enough to film and then get all my videos up for the weekend.

I have also been writing and trying to hit my word count, then recorded another Sims 4 speed build which was tiring as this build took a bit longer and thankfully i didn’t have to talk as i do the voice over after the editing.
I also would like to thank Robin over at Imperial crochet  she shared her Zazzle store and i have been wondering what it’s all about. So i’ve opened my own little shop where i can design stuff and basically put them on items to sell.

I have just finished up a tote bag design, which is available HERE  if you use the code ZJANUARYSALE you will get 25% off!

If your not already taking part in this months Bake off over at Tracy’s blog then please consider taking part! Not just this month but EVERY month. I missed lasts, but i am hoping to keep up and try and bake every month 😀

That’s it for today folks, if you want to checkout Emma and follow when the release for Sandy is available  her insta is also here


And i will shamelessly plug my social media right now > Instagram 
Buy my tote bag > Here


Take care folks! xo


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