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Sunday Chit chat | I did it, i wrote my first chapter.

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You know how i mentioned about writing a book a million times? Then i mentioned that ‘this idea was the one’ Then i said it again and again, then i had the ‘Give me back my flowers’ Was going to be the ONE! – K that is still will be something, eventually – One that i am in no rush to finish. So i technically aren’t lying, because i  did say it might not turn out to be anything – It’s more likely going to be an entry into a short story competition.

OKAY OKAY GET TO THE POINT.  – Firstly you need to enter my give-away all you have to do is tell me why you started blogging. It’s open until the 26th of Jan but i am more than likely going to let it run until the 31st. ‘Cause i am hopeless at scheduling.

RIGHT – so i took some advice, and i started to brainstorm ideas for stories and then i thought of one. Then the next advice was to outline – WHAT IS THIS?! I’ve never in my life outlined anything, if i feel an itch to write i do. Hence the random short stories on here, i don’t pre-write them and then blog it. I literally open up a new post and tap away. BOOM. The anxious feeling of writing started to hit me, what if my idea was stupid, what if nobody likes it. So i kinda did one of those brain storms of what i wanted my ‘story’ idea to be. Then i did a second one with more detail, then i wrote with a pencil til my hands ached, paragraphs of a mini structure. The beginning, middle and end, then i re-wrote that so it had more detail, then i well i realised my book idea wasn’t going to be just one book. It’s going to be a series…

And that my friends, i finally FINALLY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Found my story.

So i just finished chapter one, of well what will be eventually draft one. And when you put it like that, it feels like my book will never be done. If only i hadn’t put off writing for such a long time? Hmmm, no time to blame myself – Things happen for a reason, this idea has taken this long for a reason. The time is now.

With that, i wish you all a happy Sunday, as i am off to bed! Good night xo


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