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Crochet tutorial | Heringbone HTR (Uk terms)

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Well i did it! I filmed my first tutorial, and then tomorrow i will follow up with the how to video for that kindle sleeve.
I re-filmed this so many times because i was nervous, and my set up wasn’t perfect! I may of had some trouble with the camera focusing and the background noise (white noise) from my mic. But that’s the first time i have filmed using my Bridge camera, so i need to get used to the settings. I mean, voice over is so much easier and better quality mic all around than the built in ones but hey ho i did it! I also thought it would make my how to video shorter if i did the tutorial on the stitch first.

So if you would like to watch my tutorial on how to do the Herringbone HTR then please watch – U.S terms is Herringbone HDC – If you see this written on patterns it will look like this > HHTR or HHDC 🙂



Feel free to check out this crochet terminology conversion, print it off or make a note somewhere for you to keep as this always comes in handy!




This tutorial is in prep for my kindle sleeve video, i am sorry it’s taken so long to film but i have been busy with a few other things. I haven’t had much time to make progress on my scarf lol!

I hope the video was okay! Thanks again take care xoxo



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