Competition/give away winner

Today's forecast


It’s technically the 31st here in the UK so i am announcing the winner 🙂
I wanted to record some kind of video but i only have the basic plan on here, and it doesn’t let you embed videos unless i upload it to Youtube and copy the link. I really don’t fancy uploading a bloody video to YT of an app picking a winner.

I used an app to generate a winner as i really couldn’t sit and pick one myself. I felt like the weight of the world on my shoulders and super guilty as i don’t like losing let alone anyone else LOL!
So here is a print screen of the winner!




If you could email me at

Thanks everyone for taking part, i hope to do more in the future!


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Hey! I'm a 27 year old blogger, crafter, writer, cat lover and what ever else. I currently live with my boyfriend and cat in Stoke on Trent UK. I am currently writing a sci-fi novel and my passion for writing grows more more each day. I hope to be a published author and not sit on my work for years to come. I also spend a lot of time trying new crafts rather than perfecting just a few, but i love to get stuck in and try new things! You will find all sorts of hobbies on my blog, including snippets of writing!

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