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Crochet hooded cardigan | With pattern link

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Happy Monday folks, just a lil crochet post today. I bought this hooded pattern a while back, and i did make a cardigan ages ago but seeing as i have this order to do i thought i’d use the correct weight yarn and give it another go.

This pattern  does have the bear ears but i prefer it without – I used one ball of James C Brett marble chunky, and a 5mm hook.



I am a little peeved with my backdrop as it’s all creased! It’s not actually a proper one, it’s floor vinyl and i got a HUGE roll of it as i found this more of a cost effective thing to do but tbh i think i will invest in a proper background now as the time is right.



I liked the way this turned out using that yarn. I spent ages picking buttons but i went back to my wooden ones just because i think they go with anything.
The yarn is so snuggly and i think i might nearer winter have to invest in some more of it and make a huge throw!

This week is a lil bit of a meh one for me,  i am trying to stay up beat and positive so i am relaxing. I am having no luck with the yarn i am missing so i am going else where to get two more balls of aran but i am going to crack on with the second ripple blanket i started. It’s neutral, it’s me LOL.

I hope everyone is okay and had a great weekend, one shall catch up with posts tomorrow as i am going to go and practise some calligraphy!

Find the pattern for the cardigan here
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Speak soon xo


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