Friday catch up and a brief intro on my main character

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Happy Friday folks, i’ve been a bit offline this week on the blog as i haven’t been feeling myself and wanted to deal with my dark mood in my own way. I was going to post my WIP Wednesday but we barely had the internet that day and had to wait until Thursday for a technician to come out and turns out we needed a new router

But this post i want to share with you my main character and the story i am writing.. What my book will be about.
I did share some of the writing, but i deleted it all because it was merely just an expression of what i want to have in the book but i have spent the past week planning and briefly outlining – Which i HATE DOING.
My character’s name was called Alice, i felt so connected to this name but something was doubting me and i needed to change it. So i spent all last night changing her name before i wanted to fully share with you my journey.

I am really excited and i hope you all full in love with this idea as much as i have.



So I introduce you to Alena, she’s not sure she wants to speak yet to you guys so i will give you a brief insight into who she is.

Alena is 27 years old and works as a receptionist for a busy company. Large, busy company. She lives alone, single and doesn’t socialise with people at work – Not her choice, she wishes she could have friends, lots of them but nobody cares enough to remember her presence.

She hopes to one day that something exciting happens in her life, and is quite frankly fed up of being a lone and a nobody. She often wishes she didn’t exist in this world but Alena understands she’s yet to find her purpose or the things that excite her to keep on going.

Strange things start to happen, magical as she would call them – But is she just going stir crazy?
The only person that she can talk to is a complete stranger at work, who seems to of popped in her life without her blinking and he comes her new friend. Alena enjoys the company and is happy she’s not so alone anymore – But something is different about him.

Alena finds herself being drawn to a small closed off pond which you will get to know about at the very beginning its in the first chapter but only briefly.
It’s very well hidden in the park she walks through everyday to and from work. After being chased by something or someone unknown , her fascination grows.
One cold winter morning, walking to work she decides to check out the pond…

It’s just a pond, with a gleam of light – odd? – She turns around thinking it’s just a pond, the winter sun gleaming through the bushes and tress reflecting the water. She can’t seem to leave, and the view of the park and her route to work disappears.

Alena is no longer where she is supposed to be – Is she dreaming?
A beautiful mystical woman approaches her, blue piercing eyes and long blonde hair – Skin so perfect and smooth. She appears to be a fairy….

What’s my book going to be about?

If i can put this bluntly, it’s about never being too old for an adventure and self discovery. Alena is lonely, and really fighting to hold onto reason why she’s even alive in this world. But her curiosity allows her to embark on an adventure, something she never in a million years would ever be doing – A magical beautiful place. Its all so perfect, right?

Alena seems to of entered another realm, through a broken portal. She can’t return back home, the creatures and folk she meets tell her that she must travel to the elven kingdom – The protectors, to seek help on how to get back home.
She faces all sorts of people, Goblins are aren’t so mean but mere fisherman of the city – Lebrechauns that deliver your post, pixies who are the light bearers and ones that light up your street lamps at night.
Trolls are the protectors, loving but strong men that mine the mountains near the Elven kingdom.
Alena wants to go home at first, but realises she would like to live here forever, and her reason to travel to the Elven kingdom changes.

It all seems a happy and magical place, but Alena faces demons and bad fae folk who want nothing more than to destroy the world she’s just discovered. But she is mortal, she must fight to travel to the kingdom to warn the king and queen, who are already preparing – But which one of the royal family are true to saving the world?

This will be a three book series, and i’ve already planned roughly what each book will entail. I am so excited, but the hardest part is executing it the way my mind sees it.
That’s all i have for now, and i am hoping in the next month or so to have some beta readers for the first 5 chapters of my first draft. But all that will come when ready.

Fact: Alena means light, which is significant to the story, and one day you will see why i chose this name.

I hope you are all having a great Friday, i will hopefully catch with your posts later this evening! Take care


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