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Monday | Oh i have a confession

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Hi de ho! So i made this blogging schedule and i am kind of not sticking to it as i am all over the place at the moment – February 14th is when my grandad passed away and it will be ten years this Valentines day so i guess my mood is either up or down.
Plus i went for a job interview Friday and i am eagerly waiting to hear from them! Its houskeeping at Alton towers which is a theme park near me, well it’s about an hour or so on a bus. It’s only a contract for a year, which is better than my old jobs only being contracted for three months – So this will me more hope that i can save up and move out of this flat. I really wanted to move last year, but money and bad luck kept getting in the way and i don’t know how much longer i can cope with the damp and small spaces. I can’t use the second bedroom because its damp and mould and our housing won’t really do anything because they will say it’s our fault.

Anyways, i just wanted to show you guys what i have been busy NOT doing.
I wanted to read 4 books this month and i have started none, i was supposed to get into Dissolution by C.J Sansom but i kept getting confused with reading Revolution but Dissolution is the first in the series, and i am all over the joint. So then i look at all the books i have and ones on my Kindle, and Goodreads shelf but nothing is interesting me.
For some reason i am being drawn to reading Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, which is a book i’ve read lots of times but i can’t get it out of my mind. So i think i will chill out with that.

I also keep putting off dieting, and so i have a notebook i am dedicating with my diet. I am going to write detox smoothie recipes in it that i can pick and go to, some quick healthy lunch and dinner meals, and create a list of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then set up a weekly spread for my food log and write what i have ate and just some emotional thoughts as well – Like was it tough, how is it making me feel not eating this or that etc. I will take some pictures and blog about it tomorrow, as well as my February bullet journal.


I have also decided to NOT making a video on my kindle sleeve, but write it up as a free PDF pattern. So i am going to make another one this week, so i can get everything right.
I also sorted out all of my stationary, and kept all my pens separate from each other.
Because i am using my Staedtler fineliner pens today i felt the need to keep these all colour coded LOL. IKR – It helps me because i have LOTS of pens.


The winter Olympics started so i have bee trying to keep on top of it, i love this more than the other Olympics its a bit more excited – I am waiting for the bob-sleighing to start which isn’t until the 15th i think, so today i am chilling out with the movie Cool Runnings.


I started making a shawl over the weekend using the Scheepjes whirl yarn. Its super pricey but i have got two of these just been sitting around for months now and needed to do something with them. So i thought of a shawl.

I am using the Dragon belly pattern by Mijo Crochet  i highly recommend her as she has some beautiful patterns, for shawls as well. This one caught my eye as its more casual and that’s who i am! I also liked that its supposed to replicate a dragons belly.
The pattern doesn’t call for this yarn, its with another brand and the use of a 4.5mm but she does mention about the Scheepjes.

I wanted to use a full ball of this to get all of the colour used but i don’t know if it would end up being too big, we will see!

I am taking a break from the baby order, as i realised April/May is quite a way off so i really don’t know why i was getting worked up about getting it all done.

I also have to confess that, i opened up my Etsy store again at the end of January. I aren’t a huge lover of this platform of selling as EVERYONE does it and its very competitive but i made my first proper sale last week – Seeing as i am not fully concentrating on making my crochet items to sell a huge part of my life, just a side thing. I think listing things i have made and i want to just sell Etsy is the better option. Thought the more you have in your shop the more you get noticed, which bleughhh i don’t want to stress myself into making loads of things. Though, i have always liked making baby booties? Baby booties in a box? IDK

Anyways, so today i am relaxing. It’s cold, cold and cold. I am now off to do a healthy online grocery shop and tackle my diet book.
I also want to say that i am sorry if i never reply to comments, i forget.. I really do and the same with emails. This is the most amount of words I’ve written in the past few days, my writing game has been poor! Though i have a nice moment with Alena meeting a troll for the first time 🙂

I hope everyone has a great Monday! xo


8 thoughts on “Monday | Oh i have a confession”

  1. Good luck with the job!!!! The last apartment that I lived in was always damp so I know how that is. I wish that I was half as organized and ambitious as you are. I think about what I want or need to do then get overwhelmed and escape into a video game – which is fun but I have been getting nothing done. Maybe I need to start writing things down. Making lists or a bullet journal or something. 😀 😀 😀

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    1. Thanks!! Still not heard anything but hey ho. NO not organized have you seen my craft space LOL!!! – Nothing wrong with escaping with a video game even if you get nothing done, if it makes you happy and feel good screwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it. Get a pen, notebook make some lists or just make squiggly lines til something pops in your head 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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