DIY | Small photo studio for less than £20

Taking professional photographs of our food, crafts, or anything we want to blog and share on social media is important. Why? Because if we are buying, we expect the photos to look clear, and honest to the description, not grainy and in bad lighting.
This SO important if you want to stand out on platforms like Etsy – I mean we all wish that social media marketing and promotion didn’t exist but it does and you need to show off pretty things clear, crisp and in a CLEAN background.

What if you are strapped for cash? Like most people starting out in either selling, (or photography) you want to have a professional look. – Nine times out of ten, you will assume you need to have ALOT of money to invest in the best. The best does not always mean the most popular brand or the most expensive.  Want to know what i did? Keep reading.
So i went to my local DIY store, and i bought TWO shelves. Each for £6 which makes a grand total of £12 – They both measure at 28 by 15 inches which is perfect for smaller photography.
I also got a three pack of masking tape from the pound shop.
Now the choice of wood will depends, you can go for something thinner like backing board or plywood but i found that the two plain white shelves had a nice thickness and felt more sturdy. – Which they will more likely to last longer if you move them about a lot etc. I also liked them as they are EASY TO CLEAN – They are basically a shelf for a cupboard so a warm cloth with soap will wipe away any dirt or marks with ease.

I literally placed one flat on my table and the other behind pushed against the wall. This worked for me, they felt sturdy and i wasn’t worried about that as i wouldn’t be taking photos of anything that moved. If you have children or pets, you might want to attach one to the wall so it doesn’t fall – Safety and all that.

Now because they are white, you can use this plain white surface as your back drop, which is PERFECT for a crisp clean photo. But Rebecca what if i want a fancy back ground and i don’t want to make my bank cry.  WELL I GOT YOU COVERED!!




So you want to make your stuff look pretty like these photos?


Whilst i was in my DIY store today, me and my mother proceeded to the wallpaper section. Where each style and roll of wall paper had a roll open and ready to take samples.
That’s what i did – I aren’t even joking. I ripped about a meter off each one i liked and dropped them into my trolley. I got a few wood effect wall papers and some delicate pretty ones.
If you are using pro lighting, then remember to play with your settings on your phone or camera as some wall papers might have shine.
The staff don’t mind you taking samples, and you don’t have to ask them to do it for you as a roll is on display – WINNER!
If you want to use them as a back drop, then attach them with some tack or masking tape.  I will cut them to the size of my boards, so it’s easier to stick on and less bulky to store but with plenty left over i can use the rest for other back drops.

The other option is sticky back plastic, which a smaller roll costs around £6 and by the time you get lots of options your racking up a bill!
So the next time i am near a DIY store, i am making sure i check out the wall paper section.


All the photos i took today was using natural daylight at around 3:00PM which because of the time my photos might look a little cool – I know it’s not always possible to get good lighting but if you can, take advantage of that at its peaker times. If you do struggle with it in your home, and if the weather is okay – GO OUTSIDE!
I do have a studio light kit which i was fortunate enough to get when i wasn’t such a poor soul – but honestly. I rarely use it, because daylight is FREE and much more nicer 🙂
If you do take photos of smaller items then i went on Amazon for you guys, and if the budget can stretch they sell these little LED lights. Click to view them.

(BUT if you want to save even more money, just get some cheap table lamps and LED daylight light bulbs – Make sure your lighting is daylight bulbs as that is what you are replicating.)



Honestly guys, i am a firm believer in making anything happen from the things you have or can get for less LOL –

So what did we spend today? 

White boards x2 – Total = £12
Wall paper back drops = £0
Lighting – Daylight = £0 
That’s it folks, this is my new mini photo studio. Small, cheap, easy to put away without cluttering your life up. – I hope you take advantage of those wall paper samples though!

That’s all for now, take care


The links provided are affiliated, and i might earn a small commission if you purchase via them. 

5 thoughts on “DIY | Small photo studio for less than £20”

  1. Great tips! I bought a studio on Amazon after I sold some junk on eBay and I can’t be bothered to get it out as I don’t think it makes my photos much better. For me, the conservatory is perfectly lit for photos so I try to go in there. A challenge in winter when it’s flipping freezing! I might have to go wallpaper sample hunting now. 😊


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