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Happy Monday folks, I have been so busy this weekend, I wanted to bake and do other stuff but I had crocheting orders and all sorts of boring adult things to do. I spent a lot of time reading but most of all WRITING. I have been pushing out 2500 words average, and I know most of it will be edited it out – But I wanted to share my main character Alena’s café date with Joe, who is actually an elf but she doesn’t know this yet. Joe is actually around 30 years old in human for, but I can’t help but picture Patrick Dempsey when I write about him.

I hope everyone Is well, and I am making an effort to kick this month in the ass!
Peace out xo



He sensed a kindness to her soul but saw sadness in her eyes. He knew she didn’t have friends, it was obvious, but he didn’t quite realise how much she desired to be loved. Not romantically, but just loved.




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