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My hand lettering progression

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I am alive, i am kicking. If you noticed! I won’t go into a huge amount of detail to as why i haven’t been blogging, but i let my depression get the better of me. That’s all i will say BUT on a lighter note, next week i am going to the zoo πŸ˜€ – AND i will be doing a very lengthy March what i have been reading seeing as i didn’t do it February.

The past few days, i have been trying to keep myself busy and occupied in order to create a positive frame of mind – Whilst i have been neglecting my crochet and other crafts i took it upon myself to try and get stuck in, not with crocheting i just have no motivation yet but with my hand lettering and what not!

I went shopping with my mum and i wanted some sketch book type paper thick enough for me to practise one as i was using a dotted book and as much as it has been great, i wanted to transfer some of the practising onto nicer paper – Which benefits the pens i am using much more.
So i drafted out with pencil in the dotted book and then went over with the pens, once i felt comfortable with that i went and did the same thing in my mini sketch book.
Even though i am not very good, i am not at a loss with how much money i spent as the sketch book only cost Β£1. So i can get more πŸ™‚

I also bought another adult colouring book, an adult do to dot and an adult mosiac book.
If you think of painting by numbers, its like that but stickers!!

So here are all the photos from my little practises. I still have a LONG way to go, but i am improving and i had such a sense of achievement when i saw the difference from last year. I still struggle with the Tombow pens (the coloured ones) and my mum got me some brush pens for Christmas which i also struggle with as the brush is so much more flexible and soft but i am not doing too bad.

The black ink i used was a Tombow Fudenosuke penΒ and i highly recommend getting a few if you are a beginner. They are firm and it allows you to control the thick and thin lines more easily.







That’s all for now, i am slowly catching up with blogs! I hope you are all well, and would love to hear what you’ve been upto πŸ™‚



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