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WIP Wednesday – My new craft adventure

I'm trying all these new things.Some work and most fail. But that won't stop me from trying something else.I am finding who i am...


So you know i lost interest in the selling side of crochet, which i fully blame why i just don’t love crocheting anymore. I am struggling to push through and still haven’t finished that baby order but a lot of that is also personal. Anyways, once that’s done i am only going to concentrate on making baby booties – I love them, they are small cute.

You are thinking oh look at this silly cow, changing her mind again. Yeah, guess what i don’t actually care. My whole life i start and try new things, some i stick with and some i don’t. – Crocheting though i will stick with i just need to find that love again.

But i have really been enjoying learning hand lettering and modern calligraphy. Something about it has been really relaxing me, but i have wasted so much paper in doing so which i don’t think is fair on the planet – Sorry.
You know me i like to add quotes in my post sometimes, and i have always been this quote freak. I have a ton saved on my phone and lots that i have used to practise my hand lettering.

So i asked God and oddly i found my deck of angel cards. Archangel Gabrielle was pulled and he asked me to tell him my desires, dreams, what i want. I also asked for help in return by showing or guiding me on what path i should be on. I told him what i want in a personal letter – And then wrote to God talking about the same thing. God probably saw already ’cause i just assume his eyes look at everything LOL.

I woke up today and i was going to scan some of my quotes i had hand drew to just see how the quality would scan – And i saw all of my flaws in my work. Which meant that i needed to keep at it and perfect it. Don’t run too soon right?
So then i was like, – DIGITAL.

I have spend all day creating a few digital prints available to buy on my Etsy store. You might of seen these before but that’s kind of unavoidable.

The first one is one i think all you crafters will like! – The best thing is you can print them from home using some quality paper – Or send them to a printer service. Personally, my printer sucks so id get online and upload! PLUS super lazy.

Untitled design


*Frame not included.

All of my prints so far are 8×10 inches and i will be sticking with this size for a while as it’s the most common but i am looking into designing some smaller ones.

You can buy this print by clicking HERE – All prices are including VAT.

Thanks for reading! Any questions feel free to ask.


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – My new craft adventure”

  1. I have never subscribed to the ridiculous idea that we are never allowed to change our minds. We pick our exam choices when we’re still freaking teenagers, and we’re supposed to just stick to that for the next 70, 80 years?? People don’t work like that!
    You switch things up as and when you need to, you’ll be much better off than people stuck in ruts that they hate because that’s just what they’ve always done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I always get moaned at for never sticking to one thing or I’m too much of a day dreamer lol! But your totally right, how boring and depressing would it be just chugging at the same shite.


  2. Best of luck with your new venture! Selling didn’t work for me as I’m just too busy, but I may go back to it. I only started it as I didn’t have a proper job but now I do lol so I don’t need to do it any more. I hope all of your prints are top sellers x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you! Your right it doesn’t work if you are really busy either, I takes the fun away as well. When you wanna make stuff for you but noooo bloody customers come first. Hope your job is going well! X


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