A photo shoot with my cat

Hey guys, just a little bit of a happy post lol. I love taking pictures of my cat i think he’s the cutest lil guy ever and he really knows how to work the camera for me.

I got out my Nikon on bank holiday Monday and basically shot some pictures! They aren’t the best because the first lot he was so annoying and i didn’t end up with many. The second scene in the tunnel was my favourite as he moved his head to the left right up etc lol – The random ones of him on my bed at the end are not part of the photo shoot. More like the after party at night, as i was in the living room eating my dinner and i came in the bedroom to relax with my laptop and he had stolen the side i like to relax on – Had to take some of him but i didn’t get super cute ones of him as i was too busy giving him attention and kisses for those.

I hope you like these random pictures, Roman may i add was a little bit of a diva today!

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