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WIP Wednesday – Crochet baby cardigan


Can we just take a minute – CHANNING TATUM IS GETTING A DIVORCE! Seriously, i have no hope for couples if he is getting a divorce, plus side he’s single.

On today’s list of WIPS i have rummaged through my WIP box and pulled out a baby cardigan i started a little while back for that order – Still plugging away. I think it was a mistake to of let it sit for so long as my tension has slightly changed, so when it came to doing the right panel it feels a little bit different than the left one i made previously.
That being said, i can always make another left one if when joining it doesn’t quite look right. I think with blocking it all after it might not be at noticeable.

I only have the sleeves, collar and button hole to do then i have to join it all up. I must say this pattern i am using which i will show in a sec, looks very cute! The pattern booklet does look more for boys, but honestly just change the colour right?




What i like about making baby garments like this is that its work in separate sections, i don’t mind the joining up etc. I think it looks a lot nicer, i did make a cardigan once that was worked in one but i didn’t love it. Personal preference i suppose?

This is the pattern i am using so you guys can find links to buy the booklet, i actually ordered mine from Ebay at a pretty good price! They aren’t to download they are actual pattern booklets. I got a few of these because you actually get three patterns in one and they have ALOT of size ranges so i think its bang for your buck.
Image result for 3476 pattern

I am trying to hard to get stuff finished and my WIP box is so full – I look at most of them and think, i wish i never started them! SO i think this month will be a lot of finishing projects and unraveling.


Before i go i would like to mention my mental health printable postcards i am selling on Etsy. All earnings from this purchase will 100% be going to the charity Mind
Please help support a great cause, mental health is over looked and i want to help make a difference and i want to help spread the word.

Also, i have a bag of spinach and kale i wanted to freeze for smoothies – It’s a few days out of date so do i throw it out or is it good?

Chow for now xo


9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Crochet baby cardigan”

  1. Remove any slimy sections from the spinach and kale and pop them in the freezer. Or, put the kale in the oven and make chips, or both! I snipe a leaf of kale and put it on our pizza on Fridays. DH even LIKES it!

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