Free printable journal cards / postcards


Sup folks, i wasn’t going to post again today but i kind of wanted to get these out for you!

I’ve been printing stuff off like crazy today all my prints and my mental health poscards
so i can stick them up on my wall by my desk.
I whipped these guys up today and here they are for FREE yeah kind right? I also have another bullet journal freebie coming up at the weekend i am just tweaking the alignment – BUT it’s going to be a blog tracker, track the days you blog and what days you don’t etc. Perfect for those who want to be consistent with blogging or need to get into a routine (not me ’cause .. *sarcasm*)

Click the PDF file down below to grab these really cute printable postcards or journaling cards, whatever you decide to use them for! Card making blah i don’t know, go crazy.

They measure like a postcard so 6×4 and if you want that size and not waste paper then look at the image below to get them all on one page! They will be the perfect size.
I would rec printing in Adobe as it gives you more flexibility with printing.

If you want them bigger or smaller, scale and play around with the sizing.

Thanks for stopping by!

Postcards set of 3


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