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WIPS – Free April weekly bujo printable

*Edit* – The grids on the water and date are not visible on the actual PDF, its just the way it saved as a PNG

Well, i would of had a WIP Wednesday post as i really hoped to finished the baby cardigan. Then something happened over the weekend – I was weaving in ends and i cut the wrong piece and i ended up cutting the back of the cardigan. I wanted to cry because i didn’t really enjoy the pattern, even though it was cute to look at.
So i sat and thought hmmm do i make another, nope – I am going onto cardigan two, and its a hooded thing but i am unsure because everything measures how it should in the booklet but it looks small for the size i am doing.
Once i progress a little with it, i will take some pictures, i have been writing a lot as well.

I realised i hadn’t made another weekly printable, and i won’t make another one now as next week i will be designing a May monthly one and a bunch of other trackers.
If you have any idea of things you like to make lists of or track, let me know and i will add them to a list of things i can make for planners.

I am also hoping to add more quotes to my Etsy store this week as i have neglected it a bit with my writing and i had a doctors appointment yesterday so i was a bit anxious the day before.


Here is the free printable for another week in April – I put the calender of the month at the top as this is what i like to do with my weeks, and i just highlight what the week is.
I will take a picture of my bujo, as this design is based on what i have for next week.

Click the link below – To Print open with Adobe to get the best quality as it is a PDF – It is A5 sized, but scale and size to fit to your liking or planner.



Thanks all! xo


PicsArt_02-16-04.14.08 (1).png


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