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Fantastic bake along – Failed

My socks are epic

It’s that time again where some of us take part in a bake off hosted by the awesome Tracy over at itsatsweetsday – OH that’s a link to this months baking post and recipe.

I thought i was tripping out and missed out on the bake along, but after catching up on posts realised Tracy was taking a break as she had hurt her wrist.

This month it’s caramel and its the vegan/gluten free kind! AJ @ A Petite Slice of Life  was the star baker and this is a recipe she picked for us to make.
I will admit, i didn’t follow it all because when i went to get stuff from the shop i couldn’t get my hands on coconut milk and corn syrup as i don’t think that exists in the UK
So i don’t think mine are gluten free??? lol!!!

The recipe asks for coconut milk but i used almond LOL, it also asks for corn syrup but i used honey syrup and margarine i used margarine – I don’t know what the heck i was thinking.



I don’t have one of those temp things so i just guessed LOL and i boiled it for like ten minutes, pulled it off and let it set  – It’s been in my fridge for three hours and it’s still soft

SO i failed – BYE BYE caramel. It was my first time, so tbh i had no clue. It was a nice failure though, because i didn’t make a mess of the kitchen and it didn’t require mixing, kneading and throwing around flour.

That’s it for my baking attempt! I also have this horrible taste in my mouth and nose bleugh



8 thoughts on “Fantastic bake along – Failed”

  1. Oh Rebecca! It was a success in learning what NOT to do:) lol! I have had many many Cooking adventures like that. The one that I really learned is that non-fat mayonnaise is not a good substitute for real mayonnaise. I had to throw a whole big salad away after no one would eat it at a party! At least your caramel is sweet and like a Kathy said—caramel sauce! Yea!!

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    1. Baking is my enemy lol! REALLY non fat mayo is the only mayo i will have haha. You should lie next time and say it’s normal, placebo effect! Haven’t used it for anything yet, might hand it off to my mum haha.

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