Writers let’s connect!


I have no crafty WIPS just my writing but i thought i needed to blog as i don’t want to slip into not blogging when i don’t have much to say, thought i would post – BUT i know that some will see it as why post when you have nothing to say.. I like talking what can i say?

So this novel, i am calling it that for now as i still haven’t decided on a title. It’s taken over my life a little bit and i haven’t done any crafting, i can’t remember when the last time i practiced hand lettering or played with my water colours – Though i don’t think i feel guilty, i am enjoying my current writing process and so i want to get what i can done whilst my mind is focused.
That being said, writing is hard i knew that anyway but the fact i am being dead serious now is scary! I went from pancing my life away with random stories and words to actually sitting down and fully outling my novel. Which i have drafted over and over – I have written three chapters, printed them off and read them made some changes. Now i am ready to outline each chapter individually!

I bought some record cards or those things you read off when you are making a speech to do this and will have each chapter pinned up (somewhere) I also plan on doing this with my characters and a few reminds of the plot and description of the world/relationships etc etc.

Anyway, the real reason for me jumping on today is that well, my feed is full of craft blogs and photography which i LOVE LOVE LOVE and wouldn’t change who i follow for the world, i really want to connect and make friends with fellow writers – Maybe with similar taste, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, YA etc.

If you are a writer – And by writer i mean WRITER you don’t have to be an author to write. Then drop me a hello in the comments, let’s connect. I am going to chill in bed later and scope out some writer/author blogs as well.
I have a Instagram that is separate from my craft page and you can follow that here >


Take care xo



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