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My trip to monkey forest & slideshow



Hey folks! I feel i have been too busy to blog but the weather has been nice and my allergies have been playing up too, so it’s been making me feel like crap. Hoping to get some decent stuff as the tablets i have don’t work and i think i need some eye drops and nasal spray.
It’s been really glorious in the UK, bit of a random heat wave – Now i aren’t a fan of the heat so i don’t tend to go out in it, plus i have no nice clothes haha. All jumpers! Anyway, i wanted to go the zoo a few weeks back but couldn’t afford so we went to our local monkey forest.

It’s an amazing place, and if you ever are in my area (Stoke on Trent) please check out the monkey forest. It’s cheaper than the zoo and its a brilliant day out!
They also have a cafe, and shop – Though its a bit pricey, i did spend £20 on that teddy above but seeing as they take the monkeys and rehabilitate them and rescue them i think it’s only fair as its going to a good cause.

I love animals, i am hoping they have some job vacancies going as i would love to work here but i think they only ever have cafe assistant jobs. The bus ride is long and the walk from the bus stop to the forest is a pain but i think it would be well worth it!

I got my camera out today, finally put it into some use and managed to get LOTS of pics of the monkeys 255 in total but i deleted the blury ones and the rubbish ones. We managed to walk around for a good hour and a half and watched two feeds. I wanted to sit down a lot and relax but i honestly couldn’t stand the heat.

Hoping to go back again as a treat next month, but i am aiming for the zoo i  – I would also like to go to monkey world in Dorset.

If you want to know more about Monkey forest just click here ’cause it’s really interesting to know about the research 🙂

Enjoy the slideshow!



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11 thoughts on “My trip to monkey forest & slideshow”

  1. Monkeys! ❤️ I love them they are just so cute! I hope the weather cools down but stays sunny, that’s my favourite kind of weather for sure 😊 and I always find food price at zoos and animal parks too expensive so I try to bring my packed lunch 😊


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