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WIP Wednesday – a bit of writing

Here is a snippet of something I wrote last night. It’s to be included in my novel, I haven’t gotten this far into the story but I know where I want my main characters to be in terms of feelings.

Ill be introducing my title soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’ve been taking some me time as I have been writing ALOT and changing my outline so I have done no crafting at all.

Hoping to get some lettering done this week and play with my paints. I want to finish my rainbow blanket too! But all this time to myself means I haven’t got much done, I need to update my Etsy shop!

I’ve also already designed and scheduled a post for a May bullet journal set. It’s gorgeous and I really can’t wait to share it, I might even release it sooner!

I am still catching up on posts, I think i managed to go through some yesterday – hope all is well! Xo

P.S I’m also busy designing some trackers and schedules that anyone can use as well as journal addicts. Including something for us writers


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