Freebie Friday – Journaling cards (also writer tracker for us writers)


Hey folks! I am hoping this post scheduled on time!
I’ve been busy – I haven’t written much but i have been trying to get on top of my crafting, prints, etsy, crocheting, journaling blah blah. SO this is why you might see a bunch of printables this week – SORRY! I wanted to space them out and do one a week but i couldn’t resist sharing the stuff i am making ASAP!

Oh, if you experience any issue with my blog/site then it’s me messing around with 301 re-directs. I have had to purchase my old domain for another just so i can make sure all my old links redirect to my new domain – It’s annoying.

This weekend i have another post scheduled, it’s the May bullet journal set and i can’t wait to stick into my book. Before i crack on with the journaling cards… Take a look at the WRITER TRACKER/SCHEDULE i created.
This is great for wanting to keep a note of word count and set a goal/date for when you want to finish your drafts.



So i have pink for May in mind, i think because of the season – And one of the quotes funnily enough is used in the May bullet journal printable. But i love the quite and the simplicity of how i designed it, so i had to make it into a little card!
These journaling cards are perfect for your journals/diarys – Pin up in your office, mood board, fridge – Whatever! The measure at 3×4 inches so i am pretty confident you could fit these all onto one page.

I will be making some more of these next week and hopefully have them released Friday, as i intend on sticking to freebie Friday. I hope you like them and please let me know if you use them!

Happy Friday folks

bluejournaling cards


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