Short story – It’s all cliche

Did i ever tell you about that one time i fell in love? No. Okay, well i guess that’s why you are here – To listen to me talk about how much of an insecure person i am, how long it took me to gain confidence because of my past experiences. That i finally met a guy who was my soul mate, the one i will marry – Who then turned out to be a complete and utter idiot and crushed my heart.
That i then reverted back to my old ways, no confidence and hit the gym hard getting rid of my emotions and that now i am some kind of cold heartless bitch, who is scared of falling in love but of course i do and try to deny that. Eventually giving in to accepting this new guy, that he is this time my real soulmate – But along this journey he still manages to crush my trust, and it’s a real dramatic story of events how much i had to fight for him because of this so called other woman – All leading to the last scenario.
Me giving him one last chance to save our love, that it leads to me leaving with a packed bag and jumping on the next plane out of here to somewhere hot, with a spa – Just incase i need to mend my heart, because this love of my mine might not show up.
Of course he does, he realises it at the last minute. Runs around frantically trying to find me. Ends up at the airport, he thinks he has missed me but i am still slowly boarding clutching on to that hope.
I am about to board my plane and i see him – I see my love sweating and breathing heavy because he did come for me. He tells me that he loves me and he’s sorry, we kiss in the middle of the airport. I miss my flight – Do you ever wonder what happens when we decide to turn around and not leave to another country? We don’t get a refund on those tickets, but of course in reality he decides to pack and come with me, so i change my ticket to a new flight booked with him.

What happens now? We go on holiday, drink lots and have a huge amount of sex. We day dream about our future together and make plans.
Six months down the line, reality kicks in and life is hard. We are different, busy, no time for eachother because of our jobs. We want similar things but then when we want the same, it’s at different times in our lives.
Oh this is when i mention we argue alot, its stressful we break up for a while.
I guess we are on a break, he sleeps with a girl and i date other guys and for a long time we don’t re-connect. Until its too late, by the time we realise we do love eachother – The relationship is no good, its damaged – We are both damaged.

We break up for good and for the rest of our lives we carry on. With other people, marrying and having kids. Saddened by the memories every now and again when i think of him and what could of been.
He’s the one that got away, my one true love but the universe doesn’t always see it like that.
Life is a bitch.

But i am hopeful we will meet again xo


Story by R. Pursell (This story is fictional) 


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