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WIP Wednesday – Crochet shawl



Sup folks! Here is my WIP this week – It’s technically not as i finished it last night, but i think it’s fair to say i have been at this bad boy for such a long time now. It so happens to be the yarns fault, just waaay too much of it. It goes on and on and on!!!!!
Also, i haven’t had the best experience with my Scheepjes Whirl – I have had to cut so much as i kept getting massive annoying clumps of yarn barf. FML

Anyway, the pattern  i followed is the Dragon Belly shawl by Mijo Crochet  its pretty easy, its basic DC and front post? but it just seems to of taken ages to grow, which i think is why i put it away for while. I also haven’t blocked it yet either and the finishing measurements BEFORE blocking didn’t match mine – because i couldn’t be bothered to keep going when it’s for me and i fits fine. I will wash and block it after i have done my mountain of laundry.


I think you might of guessed by now that the name of the shawl is because its to replicate what a dragon belly would appear to look like. I think it’s actually pretty clever and the gradient yarn works perfectly for this design.

I like that you don’t have a right or wrong length with this pattern, which is perfect if you are using different types of yarn and weight. You just keep going until you are happy with the size etc, which is great because we come in all different shapes and sizes!

Finally, i will say i am not a shawl type of gal so i will more than likely be wearing this as a scarf – But if you do ever make this and use a light weight yarn (4ply) it feels beautiful. It’s so light and perfect for anyone who likes shawls as you probably won’t feel it a burden or annoyance when wearing it. Also perfect if you want to pack something like this in a bag, it won’t add to the weight.

I highly recommend this pattern, its so easy 😀 here is the link again to the pattern>>> CLICK ME you can just type in dragon belly shawl on Google and her blog will come up along with a Ravelry page incase you prefer that.

Last pictures of the completed shawl!




I hope you all have a good one!!!

P.S I am attempting to learn how to knit, but i only want to knit so i can make socks lol. So can anyone give me any tips on needles etc, would really appreciate it!


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