18 for 18 May review

Attitude determinesyour direction


OK i think it’s about time to look at my goals for this year, re-evaluate and be embarrassed at the progress i am making. I think i set challenging goals for myself, so i think i am ready to make a change to some of them. Which isn’t shameful, i just think i the ones that are not going to be accomplished this year can be my ALL time life goals yano?
And in no particular order…..


Find a permanent job – K no luck, i am still jobless and i reached my one year anniversary in January of being a complete bum. Though i am confident something will turn up, it’s hard where i live the unemployment rate is ridiculous but statistics say its good. This is a goal I NEED but my mum has been in talks with me about an actual business venture, not my ideas of selling my crochet but an actually business that has it’s own shop – SO watch this space.

Take more pictures with camera – Failing on this one, but i did go the monkey forest and take lots of the monkeys so that counts for something? AND most of my pictures i have started to use my camera on social media, with the exception of some ’cause its easier to pull out the phone. I am on this!!! I am hoping to venture out again soon.

Make videos – K bye this goal is out of the window.

Drop two dress sizes – I diet for a day then give up, i love food. I love shoving crap into my face, i love chocolate cake GRR. I am trying, i need to – It’s actually starting to depress me even more than i am. I am slowly converting to a vegan lifestyle, so it involves eating like a rabbit.

Write my novel – I am writing my novel, i haven’t written it just yet but i am doing so. Therefore this is a successful goal.

Get better at calligraphy – I was doing so well, but then i have been so caught up in writing and my own thoughts i haven’t gotten to my other crafts, but i was making progress and i have gotten better…. SO technically pass?

Complete any or all unfinished crochet projects – This is stuff from the previous year, i think i might of actually succeed. I completed that huge C2C, i finished a friends doll. Nope i still have a few things like a cowl, unicorn and then stuff i have started this year. Back to square one.

Finish a jigsaw puzzle – I am not deleting this goal, because I WILL DO IT. I am looking into more things to do for self care and relaxation. Whilst i have painting, calligraphy, possibly knitting i have crochet, it doesn’t hurt to have other stuff LOL.

Visit Europe – I have to delete this one, as i don’t think it will be doable with the budget we are on at the moment but hoping to do so next year. I would of been nice to visit Joshe’s parents in Spain and i really wanted to go to this writers retreat in Bali, i only needed flight money but the flights are two months rent. BUT we are going away for a couple of nights in the UK in November so that counts ’cause aren’t we still technically in the EU still??

Save for a decent watercolour set – I bought some cheap ones just to practice with so i am not in a rush for this. This goal can be deleted.

Enter 4 writing competitions – NONE so far. All of them are out of my league, i guess. But i will be entering the Bridport short story prize. It’s like the oscars for writing comps. I enter every year and i don’t ever get acknowledged, but that being said i don’t give up hope.

Attend church twice a month – Will i go to hell if i say delete this goal? I’m finding it hard to connect to God and religion at this moment in time but i do still think of him and have my thoughts. I think it’s a slow process as i have never been raised christian and i think God will appreciate me taking my time in learning.

Bake every week – Delete! I hate how messy the kitchen gets, so i am baking when it’s the blog bake along or if i fancy a scone.

Learn how to paint with watercolour – Working on it, keeping this goal.

Get mental health help – Working on it, i actually have some other health stuff i want to get sorted out before this even though my mental health is just as important. But i have been having stomache issues for just over a year now and the doctors keep fobbing me off with tests and a few tablets and not wanting to resolve it, and i have some lady problems that they seem to ignore – SO i kind of want to not be in pain physically first ’cause that’s just me.

De-clutter flat – I did clean all my kitchen cupboards and i have done some de-cluttering but all the rubbish and boxes have kind of piled up by the front door. SO i need to move it and it will be successful. It’s just every time we do, i get lazy and well i am just lazy.

Look at college courses – I found one but i missed the dead line but i have seen something else to hopefully go for in September, just waiting on more information and attend an open day.

Read 4 books each month – I am reading, it may not be four a month but i am doing it.


4 thoughts on “18 for 18 May review”

  1. i think this is so cute!! Your goals are so interesting i think and i love that instead of actually deleting them from your blog youre explaining them and admitting the ones you didnt achieve. I usually just see people deleting the posts all together if they dont reach them. I think this is super awesome, and its still the beginning of the year! you can still do them. Keep it up, your blog is great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you! I’d rather be honest than delete, it would bug me if I knew I didn’t just fess up 😂 I don’t think it’s shameful to not achieve all of your goals, I think it’s all about timing because life is unpredictable! Thank you so much for stopping by 💙


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