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WIP Friday


Hi guys! Bit late on the wip Wed but i have been keeping my self busy and i just didn’t really have much to share in the way of blog posts.

But i thought i would make an appearance as i didn’t pay for this domain for nothing lol!

As you know, i have my Etsy shop and it’s currently closed as i am working on some things i want to focus on selling, which mostly consists of cute baby booties and prints.
Well now i am also branching into the bow making scheme, so i am hoping to launch a completely new brand and merging my current ideas into one – YUP.

So i have been known as Twinklehook for a year now and i wanted to keep that as my crafting brand, so my Etsy shop is that name but because i want a little shop/boutique i am going to be creating a new brand to branch off my crafts – Twinklehookcrafts. I started making and selling digital prints on Etsy, so it mean i will have two total shops. But i feel like this is too much hassle for myself and i am just trying to think of what way i want things to do. Printables were a new thing i was trying out, but i might stick to blogging them on here for free.

Anyway, that is basically it because i have been in and out of the doctors this week, the heat has made me tired, my hayfever makes me feel like crap no matter what i take for it – So i have kind of been chilling and doing my thing, i have been gaming a lot and it feels good.
I must never forget that gaming is a huge thing in my life and has been since i was a kid…

And a lesson i have learnt this week is to never neglect the things that make you happy.

That’s all for now, i will play blog catch up tonight and look out for a review on Sunday. I won’t give anything away for now ’cause i just don’t feel like it 😉

Take care
Rebecca xo


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