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Poetry book review | Meet me at dreamlight



So apart from being scammed out of £430 this weekend, i have had a pretty okayish one.
I have also had the pleasure of reading this amazing poetry collection by Nina V. Rye.

Nina is a self published author oh and a published one – Can’t forget that! She also has booktube channel over at YT, a zine and this beautiful book Meet me at dreamlight. All links will be posted at the end of this post. 

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Nina recently, thanks to a writers group over on FB and well, you know i really don’t care much for FB but it i guess is a good place to meet other people – Especially talented ones like Nina.
Now, you know me i aren’t a poet. I dabble in the odd bit and i have only posted a few on here, but i do love reading poetry.

Meet me at dreamlight is a book of prose poetry, something i think most of us are familiar with. (I hope so) – Anyways i read it, i am here to review it. My thoughts or opinions won’t be compromised because of my conversations with Nina. So keep reading!

Rating 5/5

The book is spit into sections, monsters being the first, self, words and light. I think this is a great concept of layout – It organises the poems as they should be rather then a whole book mixed up. So when you start each part of the book, all poems will fit perfectly within that chapter/part.

I loved it, i can’t say anything bad about this collection. I think it’s hard to find fault with poetry because you either connect with it or you don’t. I have read some of her short stories on her website and i fell in love with Nina’s writing style and imagination.
She is dark and i think that should be taken into consideration. I think dark stories and poetry are my favourite because they have a much raw emotion attached to them, that could just be me as i connect well with dark poems.
Her mind is extremely creative and the poems have such a deeper meaning or in my case nudged me to really sit and think.
Nina has shard her mind and soul within this book with i think is beautiful as i felt i was on a roller coaster ride in the dark, visiting different places along the way.

Nina and her poetry is very different, so it will not be for everyone – But if you can consider exploring something deeper and darker then this book is worth it.

If you do purchase this collection, note the following pages – 30, 38, 39, 47, 51, 55, 69 and 71
These are all the poems that really stood out for me.  I will quote you the poem on page 69.


If you say it,
It is a lie;
If you whisper it,
It is a promise;
If you think it,
It must be the truth.
Too bad i can’t hear your mind.

– Nina V. Rye


I love it, it’s my favourite. I think Nina is so talented, i think i might of said that.
This collection showcases her talent in a very unique way. I will forever read this book when i need be somewhere else for while – and i appreciate that i am amongst those that have had a chance to read and review before it comes out.


If you want to buy this poetry collection then click the link below. It’s also available on Kindle unlimited.
Meet me at dreamlight

To stay in touch with Nina, or want to know more about her writing and published work head over to her website > Here she also has a link to her zine in case anyone is interested!

Watch Nina on Youtube 

Follow her on Instagram


Thank you so much for reading, i still haven’t caught up with posts so no doubt i am a week behind now! I am just a little busy and with recent events at the weekend a tad over whelmed.
Speak soon and take care xo


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