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WIP Wednesday – My first sewing project & everything

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Hello! Hope all is well, i have managed to catch up with some posts but i still have a long way to go lol!

WIP means work in progress so i guess these aren’t a wip but i did finish them recently, and one being about an hour ago.

I didn’t make any free printables for June bullet journal but i will make for next month, i do have some printables to share that i made a while back for just general use so look out over the next week or so.

SO my last post i mentioned about sewing, i found a simple tutorial by a Youtuber i follow called Melanie Ham – Its a easy zip box pouch which can be used for a lot of things! I went and bought my fabric yesterday and got cracking as soon as i came home.


I needed a lining, and outside fabric two pieces of each measuring 13 x 9.5 inches and two piece of fuseable felt measuring the same. The felt is for your outer fabric and will make the bag sturdy and thick – Otherwise it will just be kinda floppy. Especially using cotton.
I wanted a plain print inside, just because i think the floral pattern speaks for itself.

I didn’t have any trouble with sewing it, but i am a newbie and the only thing you can tell is my top stitching isn’t straight.


I also think my zig zag stitch ti finish the seam looked nothing like hers. Mine just went straight down like a straight stitch, where hers looked like it gathered the edge perfectly. Was i too far away from the edge?

Anyway, i think for my first ever project using my sewing machine and sewing (I haven’t used a machine since high school!) I think it came out quite alright! I want to make more haha, i think these will make awesome gifts.




I am going to use this for all my crochet hooks and yarn scissors etc. It would make a great make up bag but i have a trunk for that or a toiletry bag if you go away! I am thinking of adapting this and making some flat zipper bags for my fabric scissors, tape measures, fabric pens.

If you sew by machine could you give me some insight on why my zig zag was different?

To follow the  video tutorial on how i made this click here 
Melanie also has a blog where she lists measurements etc >> here

I have also made some more bows and finished off a baby blanket this week for my Etsy shop. Though i think a friend might want it lol! Here is the blanket and one set of bows i made, if you check out my FB page you will see all the bows i have made!


I also got some squishy post the other day from Hannah i posted her some boho yarn as i know i won’t use it.  I already have a few ideas what i will be doing with the yarn i got! But i will be getting some other projects out of the way first as i will be using the yarn to make bath mats, but i have some fun and busy things to do – LIKE transform my second bedroom into a craft room, i am off to get paint tomorrow 😀



Rufus has settled in now with Roman and i don’t need to keep him in his own room, only at night but i think it will be time to stop that as well. If i haven’t already (ok maybe on IG) here is Rufus




Okay here is Roman too because i feel guilty LOL



Overall everything has been really good, i went for a job interview but sadly i didn’t get it. They were really nice about it as well, which made me feel good. But i am still having issues with my stomache something that has been on going now since last year and its going in to my back a bit to a point where i cant turn over at night without it hurting me. I feel like my GP brushes me off too quickly, but i feel good over all i don’t feel poorly etc.

I think that is everything, it’s a long post because i have had so much to share with you.

I hope you are all well and healthy and that you are enjoying the weather if you are having it nice!
Take care for now xoxoxox



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3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – My first sewing project & everything”

  1. Your sewn pouch is amazing! I am terrible with a sewing machine. You’ve started out with a really complex style. Did you see the simple one I bought at a wool festival recently? Just a box shape with a fold over top, it’s ideal for small projects. It was £11 which I was happy to pay but I’m sure they are quick to make!


  2. Rebecca, your bag turned out great, especially for having seen in years! I am wondering if you remembered to change your stitch width when you used the zig zag? I forget that, and am forever thinking what is wrong, then remember.

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