“I think i know why i wanted to take this path, i thought i owed my father something. Which i don’t owe him or anyone anything. I am me, the decisions i am supposed to make are meant to benefit my life, my happiness but i am trying to make a dead loved one happy. That’s impossible, he’s not here and would he really want me to pretend?
I took the wrong life path before, now i feel as though we are all too late – All of this, it’s not what we signed up for. We are not super heroes, we cannot change the past nor can we somehow gain super strength and the ability to shoot a gun perfectly to stop these fuckers from changing out future and destroying whats left of our world – But my God Chris, we can bloody well try.”

I stood up, Chris in awe of me. Not because of my words but because he loved me and i loved him. I can’t quite express the feeling i am having when someone you would die for wants to die along side you.

“We do this together Zo, me and you. Blow this shit up, get the people onto the boats and if it means i will never see you again in this hell hole then know ill be meeting you some place else.”

He got up and took my hand, tears rolled down both of our cheeks. This was it, the moment. The realisation of our future, i don’t know if this was what we born to do or what we needed to do. Either way it was going to be done. We held each other close closing my eyes, imagining we didn’t have to die, that after we could go home and live like we did before.

I heard the door open, but i didn’t move from Chris’s arms, i stayed in this moment and opened my eyes slowly. A figure i didn’t recognise but a voice i knew too well.

“Zoe..I..You..You don’t have to go through with it…I can help.”

I pushed Chris away and stood frozen, staring at this man. It couldn’t be him, he was dead. It was impossible, but it was real and confusing – I cried.


It was him. He was alive. But where was mum?


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