One month hiatus – July nanowrimo


Hey folks, i was hoping to get back into blogging but i am super behind on finishing my craft room thanks to this heatwave making even just going to the toilet a sweat fest.

It’s also nanowrimo and i have a goal to write 50k words this month, i really want to take part and do the best i can i am not going to be back blogging until the end of the month.

I will be however trying to stay active on my Instagram accounts – For my craft account follow Twinklehook crafts     and my writing/book account (which i haven’t been active i on) follow RebeccaWritesStuff

OH i would seriously love to  connect with anyone that’s taking part this month so head over to that writing account drop me a follow and let’s connect! I am already in a cabin and it’s a private one with an author that invited me so i am unable to invite but lets talk, motivate and share WIPS.

Also, the whole point from this hiatus even though i have practically been on one anyway is that i can juggle writing, crafting and everything else without having to worry about blogging. It’s been giving me HUGE amounts of anxiety just thinking about coming on here and being really embarrassed or guilty that i haven’t acknowledged anyone’s post – Which sounds really silly now that i typed that out but it’s just me, i get social anxiety ALOT this includes being online!

See you all in a month!



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